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  1. It actually takes 24-48 hours. I mean that's how they explained it to me... but I also bought some stuff, waiting since 3-4 days now. I still didn't receive it so .... I guess you also just threw money out of the window. Good luck! xd
  2. The True About Everything, Please Read.

    Reading all these half-sentimental topic titles makes me cry. I'll tell you what happened. There are people who follow the rules exactly as they are written and then there are some people who set themself above rules because they think the rules are not "fair". Then we have Indys bitches (lol I'm his biggest hoe), who follow his way of playing zam. Then we have Classixzs niggas (ayee I'm a yellow niggi) who follow his way of playing zam. Indy vs. Classixz = no gud friends Bitches vs. Niggas = no gud shit = 9+10 = 21,9/11 What I want to say is if this bishes vs. nega war never started we would probably still have 2x24 Servers. BO3 could probably save zam and uu, but most ppl can't even afford bo3 (out of the ppl who play zam) so ye we'll lose some people but also get some ppl because bo3 already has a lot of players. I'm writing this text drunk so reagiotah3g489a3g34agha9ghaer gioaehrg89aeghu9ae3 h98aehjnaeio0hjo0aej5hioaehjao3ihja3hoia35ia3hzioa3hjao34hi - Greetings from Earth aye if you can read this i want to tell you that moon bear is a boy
  3. AAANND We're back!

    geez indy why so much text -_- now i have to read your crap @iamindy33
  4. Happy birthday the pro of break rules.. ??

  5. Happy Birthday ƥєʌƈɣ. Enjoy it!

  6. Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Hoai! :)

  7. Max th8 Clash of Clans

    meh... I'm happy with my TH10 but maybe JUST maybe I will take my time to think about a second account
  8. FOCUS

    *DEAD* Senjyo BRUH: Tsumugi_Kotobuki_1337 don't focul Miss_Lele *DEAD* Senjyo BRUH: fucus* [VIP] *DEAD* パンダ Panda: vous voulez pas me donner des points je veut ika ros 20000 x) *DEAD* Senjyo BRUH : focus* merde *DEAD* Peacy*: fuck us* *DEAD* Peacy*: xd *DEAD* [LaMeute/Delta] Jody: xDDD [VIP] *DEAD* パンダ Panda: XD *DEAD* Senjyo BRUH: Peacy* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) *DEAD* Peacy*: =) *DEAD* KuRoEtheR: Bruh ( ͡° ʖ̯ ͡°)
  9. The Future of UndeadUprising

    First of all: Be prepared this is going to be a long message. Second thing: “Be real to me for once” – Classixz , so if you are easily butthurt or if you make your opinion 1:1 from other opinions, get the fuck out of my comment, don’t even dare to read it finish either, except classixz you should take your time to read and understand this. This comment will be different than other comments you can read down your post. Classixz, you don’t have the requirements to be a leader. As I told you, updating the mod itself or making updates is sure important but nothing compared to “being there for the community”. You still need to learn a lot about this, you still can’t get it. ZAM as well UU was a good experience for you and for everyone else here. Nothing here was for nothing. I mean how can you even dare to say that? The community did not fail. They made the best out of what they had in their hands. The only one who failed was you as a leader. “People that don't understand what it took to get UU where it is” credit to the people who really took UU to where it is: Indy, Kevin, Stoner, Pat, Bloody, Moon Bear, Faith and most staff members. The names you can read out of this sentence receive a special thanks, the rest of staff was “ok” and nothing more. Our planet has so many countries, do we live peacefully together? No, as you know all countries do not live like in a perfect dream world. So, what do you expect when you have players around the world? “Everything is going well”? Compare humans with countries. There’s always a problem between each other when it comes to religion, different opinions (etc.). But humans aren’t countries so we have it much easier. We’ll ignore the fact that you left UU already once and came back probably because you can’t make leading decisions. We just need someone who just has the fucking fire in spirit. Someone who doesn’t lose hope even when everything is lost or looks like lost. Someone who puts love in the community. Someone who leads the community. Someone who steps up for the community and makes the community want to step up for this someone. Someone… no it’s not Indy, who might was like the “god of all solutions” in the past. Indy ain’t be perfect but he was the best thing we had. This someone is me. Yes, you read it right. I don’t care what you think about me, how less you know about me. I am trying to teach you something. The only thing I say is I will show you how: things can go so well even if nothing is perfect in this world things look like when you follow my instructions a strong leader looks like in a project I am working on at the moment. The way I am, the way how I act was made from my friends. If you ever hear my name, my name represents my friends who made me to the person who I am today. Sure, I’m also not perfect but there’s something I have what you don’t have. Maybe you can’t get it maybe you’re just born with it. Whatever don’t expect that everyone says “Classixz thank you for the good times bla I want to care off UU if I could bla bla bla”. Be ready to take negative criticism and take them as a lesson, not as a personal attack. My final message: You did well, but “well” is not enough when you want to be a leader for people around the world. Wish you luck and sucess in the future my old friend Elias.
  10. Buying the same weapon

    Faith probably tried it with 3xM&S.
  11. Dear Classixz... from Peacy

    Thanks for taking your time to read this, I hope you had a nice day as a fresh 19 years old man. First of all if you forgot him already: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198071864140/ 2. As you might know the latest posts and chats are about the ex community manager iamindy33. I personally think everyone should get a second chance, we all know that you're the "big one", the one who has the full power to change anything in the mod. I am going to be honest with you, wasn't it the community who made the community big? BUT what's a community without love? This sounds kinda funny but did you notice where the mod is right now as it was before. Yeah, we reached 55k Players and it's still getting more but as more players we get, the servers will be empty if you don't put love to it. This community, YOUR community and actually the community of everyone who is part of it, was once a good reason never to give up. Just making updates of the mod itself doesn't make it better. The main thing is people know you don't have a lot of time and when you actually have time to play games, you don't play ZAM all the time(but that's ok). But hey nobody can blame you for not being here for us, and if I mean "being here for us", I don't mean just sitting around the forum, the community meeting, etc. and actually do nothing. What I mean is being ingame, just being there for the people who trust you. And if you just can't do it on your own, choose people next to you, and no, not head-admins who just keep people away who break rules(SURE rules are important, and they are here because of a reason). Someone like a manager, who might not be perfect, just someone who is like a "father" for "the kids". Someone who represents the whole community, someone who is dealing with people who can't speak that good english(me as an example), SOMEONE who is dealing with people who spam you 24/7 for their problems of ranks, updates, vip, mvp, ... WHATEVER! SOMEONE was iamindy33, and why I made this PM and also the post right now is because he trusted me, (remember: Trusted?) so I will trust him to. AND before you read "3.", I am not interested in getting my rank back or anything else, people are scared to talk to you because they have something to lose, but I DON'T... YOU should be able to understand that(if my grammar wasn't that hard in this PM/Post). I am ready to step up for someone who steped up for the community. 3. This message is not about to blame someone, it's my honest thinking and you should take this message without a personal attack. - Peacy
  12. INdyS.Vidz

  13. As you all know Zombies are able to buy a SR71 from the Zombie Shop. A SR71 is most used for finding the other team(survivors), when they are hiding. whenver it's hard to locate the enemy or generally just to find them quick. Remember: A Spyplane can also fulfill these important prerequisites. Zombie vs. Camper: You can use a SR71 to find the camper but a Spyplane also does the same job. You are just not able to see every movement(per second) with a Spyplane but you don't need that anyways when the survivor is camping. Zombie vs. Runner/Knifer: Whenever Survivors run and/or knife it's hard for them to play (for example: when a big amount of zombies are playing against a single human) while the enemy has a SR71. My suggestion: Replace the SR71 with the Spyplane in the Zombie Shop to make the game more fair. Where does the Idea come from? I've noticed that a lot of people start their suggestions in the forum with "platinum class", and "new classes". Also some people keep talking about adding more weapons (but Classixz clearly said he doesn't want to add weapons(because of some reason)). And all of these ideas are big steps, and I want to start step by step, by solving the little problems (which are in fact the big problems) by making the mod more fair. PS: You can keep my grammar fails to yourself. Leave a like if anything of this post was in anyway helpful.
  14. It was my fold not his fold

    Looks like someone didn't get the joke with fault and fold... @ShameOnYou
  15. English-Superstar-Award goes to: WoK | SLB http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=673389299