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  1. ZAM community.... Collapsing?

    Kevin, I'm speaking on behalf of the people I know who have left, I can edit the part of me leaving out if you that makes it clearer but the point I'm trying to make still stands.
  2. I'm sure a few people have noticed I haven't been playing ZAM almost at all recently... It's lost it's touch. ZAM used to be fun when the point of it was to have fun, but now I'm not so sure... For example, recently I had a moderator getting extremely pissed off at me for camping when I was have ping and fps drops due to a storm, this makes ZAM not fun. I like to play for fun, not get told "Oh you're experienced go knife" or "you're ruining the community by camping asshole". If it's a new person I will always run unless I'm having fps and ping drops. I'm sure everyone's noticed how many people are leaving and retiring. From the people I've asked (which is a fair few) almost 100% of the reasons were that it isn't fun anymore, either because of laxity in rule enforcement, or because the moderators/members taking their job too seriously and being kind of assholes. The ZAM community is failing, the rare time I do connect, I haven't seen more than 4 or 5 people on. Maybe black ops 3 ZAM will help, and I hope it does. SUGGESTIONS TO MAKE PEOPLE WANT TO PLAY -Have VIP/MVP weekends more often cuz this will attract more newer players. -Maybe change the maps around occasionally. -Modify the voting system so we don't have Firing Range or Nuketown 400 times in a row. -Make members/mods/admins prove they're helping -Don't hate on the campers who have a valid reason such as bad internet, hate on the ones who are doing it to be scum. -Punish people who are being scum on purpose because they're the other reason people leave.
  3. Happy Birthday Stoner! Hope it's a good one. (-:
  4. Removal of a Class (Poll)

    I haven't used Raven in a really long time, I use CoW, Wizard, or Declassified. I personally love my declassified, although the Scar H could use a small (massive) buff...
  5. Removal of a Class (Poll)

    Don't you touch my declassified...
  6. New Class??

    I'd totally use that class actually... especially if instead of C4 it was DSR-50 or Random Weapon
  7. What you just said, was the most insanely idiotic thing....

  8. His name is "viirus is a dick"

    Also- Viirus has been perfectly friendly to me and others when on the ZAM servers as long as we aren't being dicks.
  9. His name is "viirus is a dick"

    Do I sense mega butt hurt?
  10. P90 for starting weapon c:

    Then 1.9?
  11. P90 for starting weapon c:

    I agree with mudda tbh
  12. P90 for starting weapon c:

    Or make the P90 like 1200 points or something. I imagine it's fairly similar to the PPSH
  13. P90 for starting weapon c:

    Suggstion- add P90 from MW3 as a starting/buyable weapon. Honestly, I would prefer the P90 to the Evo. Just my opiniln though.
  14. This weekend - My Burfday.

    Happy (early) birthday kevin! Its great to have you on the servers, if your on, we can trust that if you kick or ban someone, there's a pretty damn good reason for it.
  15. Ban appeal/request

    Oh haha, totally didnt see that topic! Thanks