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  1. Happy B-day Delicious!

  2. Happy Birthday Delicious! :)

  3. Low ping right here

    Sup Peepz Its Delicious, Many guys of you already know me, and some of you don't. anyways just came here to say hi. and im not gay like gunter is. (just saying :p) ps: 20 ping
  4. Here's Gunter!

    sup cunter :p
  5. Stroopwafels

  6. New UU-K recruits

    I own you grigg
  7. Lyf of da bannaz

    would be great if i could give me your ping :D
  8. UU S Team report

    I like how iamindy33 shot my bro's cades with his intervention, He also block caded/cading him to the zombies in Summit., but yea he's an admin. and nothing will happen. NuffSaid
  9. UU S Team report

    @neecj, you told us, thats allowed to cade you up. if you are enable to die by a limb.
  10. UU S Team report

    did i glitch? huh where u talking about ^^