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  1. The True About Everything, Please Read.

    Nah I just check the website off and on
  2. The True About Everything, Please Read.

    Damn I remember all the fun times I had with my friends on zam. Then I got bored and left like you were saying. I hope zam on bo3 will bring it a lot more players and also all the old players like myself. I am for sure going to try out zam on bo3 so hopefully I will see you guys there
  3. Wildey says goodbye

    Well Blue I never said bo1 sucked I said it was boring atm and when I am back it probably wont have many players so therefor I am no help to the community. I said black ops 3 didn't work because everyone has been telling me just wait until bo3. I don't care about you down voting but I don't want hate to go around because of my reasons for leaving. Well bye again I might check web from time to time
  4. Wildey says goodbye

    Well... not much to say. Just coming here to tell all admins, Classixz and others that I would like to retire from UU, if I haven't already been demoted ^^. Anyways its been fun but I doubt I will be back anytime soon. Black ops is boring af and Black ops 3 wont work so.. Well that's all I have to say bye zam to all my people I am gonna miss.
  5. Happy Birthday Wild-ee.

  6. ZAM is strong

    Pff yea im back so we gonna go back to how it was before
  7. New Class??

    good Idea but I doubt anyone will use it just because of how many pts you have to get to get all of it
  8. Happy birthday, ViiRuS_iQuicKZ!

    virus indy and ramsy all have same birthday... Indy is gonna rape both of you
  9. Happy birthday, WHITELIGHTNING!

    wait wat he said he was the sane age as me.... but that's not important happy b-day white
  10. Zam building an House

    feeding... ban :)
  11. Your memories!

    Hmmmm how about when virus trapped me in a corner on launch and made me say im a fag or he would ban me ;)
  12. Griggs vs MyXa

    myxa more proof gg myxa
  13. Stroopwafels

    you the real mvp if you can listen to that whole song
  14. Moving on from Zam?

    mudder I remember when you blue jack jgen and me played zam... it was the best time ever recording with all of them but I know how you feel... I took a long break from zam because I was really busy and also because it just got a little boring. so I personally will miss you and hope you come back soon