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  1. Ghosts in ZAM? I thought it was a zombie mod ?

    havent seen anyone to recieve a ban for revealing posotion for a long long time now
  2. Ghosts in ZAM? I thought it was a zombie mod ?

    spectator maybe? not bannable tho
  3. Fraued!

    what is your IGN? i belive you had BAN for ragequit. did you read our rules in game?
  4. Why im sorry to ZAM

    like beluga said he would just leave and cry in a corner.+ sometimes "randomzombiespickingsystem" picks only one zombie and if it ppicks only him and he leaves it makes it harder for us. i dunno give him 2 weeks ban so he can only ply as zombie. maybe he will teach a lesson?
  5. its been 3 weeks!!

    actually all he does in the game is go camp on most op spots in game than brags about how he is on first place and stuff haha
  6. Why im sorry to ZAM

    whos up for a longer ban for him?
  7. Banned for Rage Quit

    well i dont see you on ban list so ban must be over. contact me if it happens again.
  8. LET'S PLAY ZAM!!!1

    wasnt talkin to you tho
  9. LET'S PLAY ZAM!!!1

    than you say it. pfftt
  10. LET'S PLAY ZAM!!!1

    " It's sad we have to do stuff like this to get a lot of players on " not negative at all. if you want to play it then join if you dont want to then dont. simple
  11. LET'S PLAY ZAM!!!1

    you dont have to have your comment on every post tho. noone cares what you think, you should be happy that people still care about zam.
  12. If you're always confused by my replies please just ask what I mean and I will gladly help.


    right here, trying to get trought all exams and stuff and still trying to find some time to play games
  14. is zam dead? 

    no, most of people dont play it anymore but there are few that still play, and like yesterday we were 6 and it was still really good but would love to have more people on many days. so get on man