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  1. Ramsy: go give me a downvote NEVER
  2. Face paint idea

    face paint is really not a big deal i feel like and i think adding it for everyone in my opinion could be a good idea because it could make everyone unique and im sure everyone would love it, its nothing too crazy like a gun or a perk its just aparence i dont feel like a price should be palced but thats just my opinion
  3. So i started youtube

    no lol its just funny how you started your series with something verry original, camping! everyone does that. im not saying its a bad video im just saying try running, or try something hard a challenge something thats entertaining to watch, im not saying that video wasent entertaining but you can do better =) good start tho, just give your audience what they wanna see, every zam player on earth including myself has made a video camping, its same old same old each time.
  4. So i started youtube

    original title doing a very original thing (camping)
  5. UU-K and UU-S

    challenging bren? oh my u dumb af
  6. Looking for Help /w GFX

    ye he makes pretty lit stuff
  7. Lets ban 2 children

    dont insult someone's english if your english is as shit as theirs xD
  8. Let's play ZAM this weekend

    lol read my thing again i agreed to beeing sad when i lost everything, dont try to insult someone when you dont even know what you're talking about xD
  9. Let's play ZAM this weekend

    OH SHIT SOMEONE DOSENT WANT TO TALK TO ME. honestly dude i couldnt care less, and also yes you are right, im only 16 im just a kid. but i never granted to be something else, call me a kid all you want all i will do will be agreeing to it, like what can i say lol i am in fact a kid but that dosent change anything, age dosent change who you are, you and denny could be 10,20,30,40 theres just that personality about you guys that just wouldnt change. oh also about me getting kicked, you laugh at me for crying but you have no idea what UU ment to me lol and for everyone that was in the clan, for you its a clan. its buisness, its zam its nothing its just a clantag, for me and many other people it was a second family, it was the people you loved talking to the people that ment alot for you we were a STRONG team. and everyone that was in that UU we so loved i still talk to today, you cannot understand what it ment to me losing UU you dont understand how long i was there and how much i loved the clan, laugh all you want but i cant get mad at you.. you cant understand, finally ill end it off like this, maybe im a kid and maybe people dont wanna talk to me and maybe i dint know how to be an admin but all does insults you're throwing at me will just get back in your face.
  10. Let's play ZAM this weekend

    dosent change the fact you're thirsty as fuck for power and have no clue how to do your job also i find it prettyyyy sad how you're acting to literally everyone lol, myxa can call you a kid bc you are xD idk why you reply to him calling him a kid but ok, honestly i dont even know what you are trying to prove at this point of why you are even still here, you lost everyones respect and you can have all the powers you possibly can have but you wont ever be as respected as the original admins were, and that starts by simply knowing how to be an admin its not even about UU or ZAM anymore all you're trying to do is get a better reputation then the shitty one you have right now, wont help anything suporting your little butt buddy's back, you and unforgotten once again might have all the powers in ZAM but everyone hates your face so idk why you consider that as a win but ok whatever i found it funny the other day when you guys told me in TS "thats the reason you got kicked" no one wants to play with you and no one likes you, stfu bluebird you have no friend" but he was alone in a channel with unforgotten while i was up there with kevin pat ramsy luc moon bren indy, like seriously if you are gona insult someone make sure you even know what you're talking about before saying anything long story short you are both assholes.. now time to see if you can accept an insult or once again try to cover that reputation but changing the word lol
  11. Let's play ZAM this weekend

    "a nice gentlemen" lol gota love how he has to change my sentence, still a dumbass
  12. Let's play ZAM this weekend

    the current admins are better they said, hmm not suprised tbh. denny is a nice gentlemen and idc if he sees this
  13. I'm sorry.

    gota keep up professional dude :0 hit him up in dm's cmon you should know that
  14. will there be a halloween event like xmas?

    an event could be usefull, would make the server go from empty to at least 1 or 2 players