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  1. Happy birthday man.

  2. Which is Once? 

    http://images.akamai...E014D7EF331004/ this one brebe :)
  3. some reports(again)

    ok viirus thanks for banning time ill report on report section.i thought you are still on vacations, i totally forget we were talking some days ago. :D and about lemon haze:braby banned him 1 hour later for 4 days. cuz he caded off moon bear and broke some cades.before that when no admins were on server me and vov4ik were camping at summit at spot at d3 and he came in there broke my 6 cades and recaded 1 and i said RECADE but then he sat in corner 1 minute(afk) and then he mooved and broke like 10 more cades in front. i mean wtf is his problem. he still got only 4 days ban and i dont think ist enought since everyone knows he broke rules 10 times per day. gunter and moon bear said they belive me that he broke my and vov4ik's cades.but my theatre wont work so i cannot record any proof :c and for this guy that said zemv4 and haze busters: he didnt do it first time.... and about max kill he help survivors he feeds them he blocks doorwas so zomies cant get trought and mutch more so he is like niko and hugo jr.
  4. some reports(again)

    before i give some screenshoots i just wanna say i wont do reports in the report section cuz i dont know if the admins(viirus is the only one that is checking it i guess)will see it so i will just report it here.... so here it is lemon haze not playing obj for 5 minutes.... someone advertizeing ZEM and HAZEBUSTERS(fake zam mod) someone rq as soon as i rekt him rq again... ragequit.... blocking(note:he was standing there for 2 minutes but there wasnt any admin in game to kill him) ragequit again.... thats it for today i will report as soon as i get more screens ^^ sorry for wrong section again but i just wanna get those guys banned
  5. The best\top players in zam (2014-2015)

    i know my english skills arent perfect but i think you all can understand what i am saying even if i am talking in TS.since i am slovenian and 15 years old i think i have pretty good english skills. if you look at didi's english in game: cookie how knife that get? i mean wtf? and anotherone:cookie pls away you go. when i see that i think:MINDFUCK xd
  6. The best\top players in zam (2014-2015)

    before you do more edits please fix your burn my eyes :c
  7. My Graphics Design

    you sux... LOL jk nice GFX skills king c:
  8. Clan War : UU-S 4 - 0 WoS

    ofc you guys won i mean they got brody and paniek....well zamega is pretty good but brody....i bet he said your mother at least 1 time xd
  9. going away :c

    i come home tomorrow then i will play zam 24/7 :P
  10. I made it.

    bloody just got fucking rekt haha
  11. going away :c

    thanks kexz :3
  12. going away :c

    neejc i didnt go with my mother(my parents are divorced :c)so i did go with ma daddy and with my stepmom....
  13. going away :c

    dont be mad cuz your aim sux c: summit with m&s if u remember c:
  14. going away :c

    naa i dont wanna get something in my head xd
  15. going away :c

    Bye guys i am going to croatia with my family for 14 days :C can u think about it? 14 days without ZAM? gawd ;_; so have fun without me i guess