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  1. Your records on SnD/1v1

    sniper FFA : sniper snd : ;)
  2. Trusted members

    I'm done with this conversation you guys can keep talking byee
  3. Trusted members

    Griggs show me a topic from report section that prooves somebody did not rejioned after he rq ? Your excuses are meaningless. Neejc is your brain working in your ass ? I caded after i killed 2 zombies on ground not while 2 zombies playing on the game. And as uu-k you rq after i knifed 3 times in a row what a playstyle..
  4. Trusted members

    I double knife him he was 500 hp as zombie and then he come again and killed him again with knife, he got mad and said something then quit and never rejoined. No excuse for this situation it is obviously rq . I can only take screenshot for that situation. It is your job to check it from echelon don't tell me that you are lazy..
  5. Trusted members

    If this all hate is about not following the uu-s rules properly, if i'm going to obey them are you haters going to stfu ? I don't think so, this is beyond uu-s rules. Hate is just hate.
  6. Trusted members

    Redbananaz you are really obsessed, following my every step. You are saying that i killed 2 zombies not 3 and camped. This rules are setted for make a general playstyle on the server. So saying you killed 2 zombies not 3 is just an obsession. As i say don't try to judge me on topic that doesn't interest you. Can you guys change this topic name to Tommy from Trusted Members. Because even i got a proof about rq of other trusteds, it is ignored. I got the proof it is admins job to check it from echelon rather then saying that it is meaningless. Just be fair.
  7. Trusted members

    Ramsy i don't need to prove anything to you. I'm just playing the game and never wanted to be moderator or something else, also trusted is offered to me i did not want it too so do you guys think that i care too much ? And neejc be a man and stop fucking lie. Demote on the wat huh hahahahah
  8. Trusted members

    just giving answers to some madness and hate and this is the proof of neejc's rq : lets see what happens to him
  9. Trusted members

    Greyhound you were licking my ass a week ago and saying sorry to me, now you are kicked from uus and talking shit to me ? Poor. Also neejc you are going to be demoted soon just wait.
  10. Trusted members

    If 1 rq makes ppl rights gone okey i did it, then took neejc's rights too we are totally in the same position. He rq too you can check it.
  11. Trusted members

    First of all, the first ban that faith did was completely mistake other admins know that . Secondly i rq on purpose just for once because since i joined the game i was picked 5 times zombie on start in a row and never human. Also stlmokevin you never saw me in game you just saying faith is true about the topic that you obviously have no idea. And Bloody you are right, i sometimes dont care about rules but it is the topic of UU-S it's not related to Trusted thing. And Neejc you really don't know the logic of !lookup . Everyone has it's own ID because of some reasons,but you can notice ppl with his name while he is in game because console can see his name just there. So, if someone breaks cade you can notice him with his name. Also i saw myself, you rq because i knifed you 3-4 times do you remember ? No need to personal hate here just speak the true.