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      ZAM has been moved to a new IP   06/13/2017

      ZAM has been moved to a new IP due to the massive lag at the data center in Amsterdam. The new location is in London, UK and should provide a little bit better connectivity for American players. You can find the server in the Unranked tab in-game or with the IP


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  1. Here's to your Sweet 16. Happy birthday bud.

  2. I'm sorry.

    I have my plan ready. UU is coming back with ZAM bo3.
  3. Bruh.

    Before you do anything, check the requirements for becoming a staff member which can be found here If you think that you meet them, message either me, classixz, or griggs and we can talk it over to see if you're ready
  4. I'm sorry.

    I fucked up. I know it, you know it, everyone who's left since then knows it. I made a mistake with this "huge change" to undeaduprising. I know this wasn't solely my decision, but I'm going to own up to it because I believe I can fix it. This whole change thing was something that would sound great on paper, but was just wouldn't actually work out. The original idea was to clear UU/Staff and reinstate them under different terms, effectively changing the goal of UndeadUprising and ZAM Staff. Up until the point of planning this out, I had started to get tired of uu and peoples constant conplaining/nagging. On top of that school had just started and I was spending a lot more time with school/sports/friends. I thought this would work well because it wouldn't give leadership the huge time commitment as I knew I couldn't give one. Things were transitioning smoothly for the first few days, things were happening as they were supposed to. But what really set things off were people who decided to "show their true colors" people flipped out on me, a lot of really nasty things were said. I didn't really know what to do so I just kinda walked away, and that's where I made my mistake. I have the resources, and I will find the time. If the community is willing to support me, I'd like to revive the essentially defunct staff team and UndeadUprising the way it was meant to be before. Depending on how people feel about this, I'm probably going to be sending out messages within the next few days to make a game plan. I know I haven't been there for you guys lately, and Imore truly sorry for that, but I feel like it's time to own up for my mistakes and get shit done.
  5. Happy Birthday!! :D


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      Tank you Gart! ??

  6. Hey guys! UndeadUprising has some new social media accounts, be sure to follow then to stay updated with the community. [UU] Twitter [UU] Instagram [UU] Snapchat Be sure to keep updated, we will announce various contests and events throughout this weekend to be sure that everyone has fun in preparation for ZAM 2.0!
  7. happy birthday bro :D

  8. cool logo.

  9. AAANND We're back!

    Make an application. Btw that pic is so funny idk why lmao
  10. AAANND We're back!

    Alright guys, after a short website downtime today, we are back up. We are working to get the website licensed for another year. Also, as you can see, I am now the commnuity manager of UndeadUprising. Stoner is also now the website administrator and things will now be maintained. I want everyone to know that UU is gradually going to become more organized and better managed. I am going to have more details with this coming shortly. For now, I would like to hear suggestions as to what we could do to improve the clan and the comminity. These can be sent in via a message on the forums. P.S. I am leaving to go camping for 1 week tomorrow morning and will not have access to the internet, so I am sorry if i cannot respond to your messages, and until I'm back, I encourage everyone to stay positive. Expect changes for the better, mine, Stoner's, and everyone elses interests lie with te community. I am only here to help you guys.
  11. Happy birthday bro :D 

  12. Regarding the current state of UU

    Thanks @ViiRuS_iQuicKZ @Bradymanz and everyone else, I'm so happy people are being this supportive. Also to everyone who has donated these past 2 days to the website. I do not want to take credit but we did discuss it at our meeting
  13. Earlier tonight, I called together a community meeting last minute. We had a good turnout, with a good 10-12 people showing up in TeamSpeak. The main focus of this community meeting was to discuss the topic of the shutdown of the website. This meeting was extremely helpful, after working through many solutions, we've come to a conclusion. I'm glad we had such a good turn out and were so cooperative in working together to find what I think is the best solution to this issue. In the topic Classixz started in which he announced the closing of the UndeadUprising website, he mentioned someone stepping up to take his place in managing the clan. We have reached a solution to this problem. Two members of the community are willing to step up to take over the website as well as manage the clan. I've recently been talking with Stoner and he has told me that he would be willing to re-license the website. Now, that's only half of the problem. I am willing to step up and manage UndeadUprising. After school ends, I will have the necesarry time (and hopefully necessary resources) to manage UndeadUprising. With Classixz permission, I would take the position of community manager, and Stoner the position of website administrator. I think I speak for both of us when I say our interests are that of whats best for the clan. I have been playing ZAM for over a year, and have been a member for nearly 11 months, I would hate for this to be the end. I'm not saying that it is, because in no way is ZAM or UU dying, but the closing of the website would start it. The UU website is a hub of communication for both staff members and the community. Not to mention the store, website reports, prism, and support tickets are all features that would disappear along with the website. I don't want this to happen, as long as I'm here I am going to do everything within my power to keep UndeadUprising, the website, and ZAM alive and running as smooth as possible. But what does this all mean? How will this affect the clan, the staff and the community? - I would take over as community manager, subsequently manage the community and keep things running smoothly, much like Classixz' current position, - Stoner will become the manager of the website and there will be no closure on June 18th - Regarding the community, leadership will be more involved in decision making and in general - Most importantly no one should be hateful towards Classixz in this situation, he will still be considered the founder of UndeadUprising and will still have authority in any decision made in the community My whole point in making this post is to help the community, I would like both UU and ZAM to last as long as possible, and as previously mentioned, i will do everything within my power to do so. Now that I've explained what will happen, how can we as a community get there? - I am going to as that we all keep a positive attitude in this situation, ZAM is not dying, UU is not dying, there is nothing to worry about - Be supportive of the current and prospective staff and leadership of UU, everyone is trying everything they can, with only the interests of the community in mind. - Do NOT spam Classixz (or anyone else for that matter) telling them, or trying to convince them to support this cause, I don't want this to turn into drama OK, I'm sorry this took so long, but I needed to get my point acrossed. The only issue now is Classixz must approve of our plan, but he has been M.I.A. for the past few days, Stoner and myself have been trying to contact him for a few days now. Once we can get a response hopefully we can have a smooth transition of leadership. I would like to thank @xStoner420x for stepping up to help me in this situation, @Classixz for everything he has done for our community, I truly appreciate it, ZAM is basically my second family. Also, I would like to thank everyone who attended the community meeting earlier tonight, even though it wasn't planned, I think it helped to clear a lot of this out, and get people's opinions out there. Thank you all so much for reading, just know I am trying to everything I can to help the community, many of the things aforementioned have already been brought to Classixz attention, it can only get better from here on out. A side note for Classixz: A meeting time needs to be set up soon. I am leaving for one week to go camping this Sunday

    Bon anniversaire administrateur Alex

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      Merci beacoup administateur garret! 

  15. Happy birthday :D