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  1. Best cade house inventions!

    It can't be in bunker mod..
  2. Best cade house inventions!

    Me and Echo will see who's the winner Post your screenshots! 2-3 shots
  3. UU Ideas

    LOL! I thought the same thing Big Guy
  4. Recommendations and Improvements

    Damn that unicorns and rainbows idea.. your really onto something!
  5. wtf why the fuck?!?!?!?

    I think he means when I kill some zombies (75) I get 7500 points
  6. Nuketown Map Suggestions!

    These are some nice spots, I really like the idea of the kitchen being half blocked off that is pretty unique.
  7. New Map --Hanoi

    Ah I wasn't sure I haven't seen before but thanks for replys and also thanks for helping Flashy and AIR | Echo
  8. New Map --Hanoi

    Thanks Kex!!
  9. New Map --Hanoi

    Any other spots like 1 more add it , I couldn't think of any ones that I wanted so I only added these
  10. New Map --Hanoi

    I redid this map because I didn't like it before ( OP Survival spot) the one in the middle. Here are the spots that I made I hope you like them! But first... Here are some people that helped out Flashy (Ideas) AIR | Echo (Testing) Without the two people this remake woulda been really really bad so I give a big thanks to them :D Links :
  11. Website idea's

    Chat box was a good idea Echo