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  1. US server

    can this bullshit stop pl0x?
  2. Since the owner (Classixz) isn't around a lot anymore, because he's working on the mod for BO3, he doesn't have much time to approve the requests. It should be that it automatically gives it to you, but eh...
  3. US server

    equivalent to shitpost

    oh shit yeah rip america
  5. Hey

    Gas doesn't affect humans unless the guy who threw the gas dies, then it becomes 'zombie gas'
  6. wht the best plat knife

    i want to be staff but console is down indefinitely because of a fucking fuckface who is ddosing b3 to be able to play (even though he isn't playing) i think people are ok with it its just that CERTAIN UNNAMED FUCKFACE is ddosing server
  7. wht the best plat knife

    theres 2 staff members
  8. The Hazmat skin

    anyone without a skin automatically gets a gas grenade
  9. The Hazmat skin

    Hazmat suits are generally more durable than, well, normal clothes and skin. His idea is to make it seem so in-game, by making it harder to limb him. For now, the only thing he has is gas, which is really shitty (for zombies) but goes away quickly.
  10. RQS Server needs admins

    B3 is down so the auto-detect thing wouldn't work or would have to not rely on B3
  11. Again...French Idea.

    ZAM is living as long as (some) players play and it is advancing. Which it is, by the way, when Classixz is working on BO3 with the beta mod tools, the community is getting ready for a lot of new players and people to the mod and community itself.
  12. ZAM 1.9 Issues and Suggestions for 2.0

    yes please please please please also normal UAV in shop, for bots mostly and knifers OMG YES
  13. The Hazmat skin

    okay maybe not 4 limbs maybe 2 to start and with limb protector u get 3 limbs, but yeah seems like a cool idea.
  14. New ZAM bunkers

    I found out how to get the code for the bunkers. Here are some of the code from the first Nuke thing I did, recreated and less sloppy. WMD Different than from the screens. Aaaand a little bit of the Radiation bunkers in the screens I took.
  15. happy late birthday cousin of viirus