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      ZAM has been moved to a new IP   06/13/2017

      ZAM has been moved to a new IP due to the massive lag at the data center in Amsterdam. The new location is in London, UK and should provide a little bit better connectivity for American players. You can find the server in the Unranked tab in-game or with the IP


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  1. New ZAM bunkers

    I found out how to get the code for the bunkers. Here are some of the code from the first Nuke thing I did, recreated and less sloppy. WMD Different than from the screens. Aaaand a little bit of the Radiation bunkers in the screens I took.
  2. happy late birthday cousin of viirus

  3. I'm sorry.

    lol so true xD speaking of which, can I have the ZAM Bunkermaker link? old bunker creator sucks xd also, need help with the script lister (or whatever tf it's called) cuz it's not working
  4. Bruh.

    it's an exaggeration, quite a few people think that
  5. I'm sorry.

    What I don't understand is WHY people are so angry and bitter... It's really easy to get back, and a large number of people (from what I've heard) left BECAUSE they got demoted. Is it really that important to be staff that you LEAVE because of it? I mean, you could still play, at least.
  6. Bruh.

    ik everyone says I reply to everything to get my posts up (no i don't btw) but OMG YES PLS
  7. Bruh.

    Well, I'm talking to gart as soon as he gets on Teamspeak, so far he couldn't. But I'm getting to him today.
  8. Bruh.

    I played sporadically over the past 2 or so years. And I come back after an elongated time to see this. After about a month of so of playing, I made a decision. It DOESN'T MEAN I need staff, it means I want to help. But with the situation placed in front of UU, I applied. IDK man, I'm not sure how else to help...
  9. Bruh.

    There aren't a lot of people that play, and of the people that do play they probably don't want to go through the work of staffing the server. IK u asked griggz but I help anyway.
  10. Bruh.

    Well here I am! (narcissist) but i really do want to help
  11. I'm sorry.

  12. I'm sorry.

    No? Denny, we need ur help on the server. BUT DONT GET ON. The ddosser, the one Classixz made an announcement on, is unbanned. YOU NEED TO PERM HIS IP ADDRESS, OR THE SERVERS WILL GO DOWN. I left a message on Classixz's profile, im talking to unforgotten, but griggz is afk. We can't do anything. help
  13. I'm sorry.

    What's your problem? I reply to things because I want to reply to things. I feel I can put my piece on their post, not because I want to get my posts up. Why would people waste their time actually typing out things for something as silly as 'getting their posts up'. And people don't know me because I was only on sporadically. I played ZEM, I was a pretty quiet player. Didn't type much really.
  14. I'm sorry.

  15. I'm sorry.

    I support you. I get that people HAVE TO HAVE time to spend. Trust me, I know. Many communities with people have done that, and each and every time there is a perfect reason to it. Like I said in my PM, thanks for still being interested in the community.