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  1. Brebe's gameplay video

    Yey i Edited them.
  2. Viirus' Videos and More

    Ohhh good game i want play with you!!! nice video good luck man!
  3. Future BrEn Videos

    I believe you can become good youtuber. so good luck man!!!
  4. Kuroneko's video.

    New video 3 !! -Running and camping !!! I love nuketown. Have fun guys. !!!
  5. Kuroneko's video.

    Sorry i didn't spoiler. New video 2- Zombie camping with my friend.!!
  6. Kuroneko's video.

    New video 1 My normal play. Have fun.!!
  7. Kuroneko's video.

    What's up guys im kuroneko (kuroneko is Black cat in English :D I uploded new video :D Have fun guys....... And i made clan ( Undead uprising youtubers in steam) http://steamcommunity.com/groups/15151515UZY
  8. About "kuroneko"

    I'm 22 years old. So, 7 years xd
  9. About "kuroneko"

    thanks guys!!
  10. About "kuroneko"

    Hi! My name’s Kuroneko, but most people call me kuro xD I’m from Japan. So i'm not good at English. I am an older sister of Brebe :D I’m studying English, because I want talk more people. I love ZAM ZAM is life I love knife my knife skill is 6~7 ^^ My hobby is make the zam video and more. My youtube channel please comment and subscribe :D https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2ZGEgMt6RQew32JE9DMGuQ Nice to meet you.
  11. Kuroneko's video.

    Hey guys im kuroneko nice too me to you!!!! I will up video.