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  1. How to pump a your skill in ZAM?

    Google translate you make my day happier once again
  2. The Future of UndeadUprising

    Nothing lasts forever, that's all I can say right now. But yh about UU, if it really is closing down etc. then I guess cheers for having me as a member ^^ I was a part of UU for around a year maybe and honestly I really enjoyed being a part of it, even though I wasn't much active in ZAM or in the forums but I guess being a GFX for you guys did help out a good amount for the community and UU itself. I guess my way of Thanking you Classixz is and was all the GFX I did for you and other members to help out with ZAM, UU etc, and yh once again HUGE thanks for having me as a part of UU and if you need anything I'll be here, just give me a shout. Honestly, if it all goes down and all then I wanna let all of you know that I'll be here always to help with any kind of GFX work and I'll gladly try and do my best to help out as much as I can to all of you. -Estima
  3. Music What I Listen

    I'm just gnna post it here I guess, this is what I'm currently listening too, imo its sick just like me Kappa. Or just check out my soundcloud, got loads of banging tunes in there ;D
  4. Happy birthday, stlmokevin!

    Happy Birthday ye old ladd :D :D
  5. Banned for no reason

    I think he already knew that kevin ^^ :D he wants to know why he got that lol since it dsnt show why :D ^^ Well not my business anyway ^^
  6. Zam on BO3 need to be cleared

    I'm here to help out in any sort of way if needed, most likely it will be the GFX part for the ZAM in Bo3 so yh I'm here to help out in that part :) My thoughts/opinions about ZAM in Bo3 is that there's quite a lot of things to really think through and test out before making it possible. I'm sure that people that will be in charge of making ZAM in Bo3 will do all of that so I'm not really worried about it and I'm sure it will be all grand :) Anyways there's still quite a long time before Mod tools get released so yh lets don't worry about that yet and just enjoy Bo3 itself :D
  7. Shitty test banners I made ^-^

    I actually really like those :D Good job man :D Simple but looking very well :D
  8. Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:37403686 Steam Profile: Steam Name: Estima' BO XUID: 11000010475784d