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  1. Happy Birthday Echo! xD

  2. If you want

    I'll be there for sure
  3. Happy birthday, AIR I Echo!

    Ayy Lmao! /kewlman
  4. UU-S IS BACK (once again)

    Wtf is this did you 3 just lose to THEM??Ok that's it perm ban from UU-S and 2 year ban from zam.Time for echo to carry, 1v3 me bishes fite me bruh, FITE ME
  5. My goodbye...

  6. ZAM Update log / Idea thread

    Do you have MW3, Black ops II? You know when you prestige right? you get a token. In Black Ops II or MW3, tokens are used for an extra class slot, or have a higher level weapon unlocked like the Ballista at level 1. Well in ZaM, Tokens will act the same way as Black Ops II or MW3. I can give you some examples here, but you can go to my official full post about Token Rewards. Some examples: (not all) You will spawn as a VIP for the game you are currently in with a 25% chance [1 Token] (Lasts forever) You will spawn as a MVP for the game you are currently in with a 10% chance [1 Token] (Lasts forever) You will earn 1 points for every hitmarker you get. Example I shoot a zombie 3 times, I regularly get 30 points, but with this Skill, you will have 33 points. [1 Token] (Lasts Forever When you spawn as a zombie, you will gain a 3 second speed boost [1 Token] (Lasts forever) Heres the link. Just updated it too.
  7. Ranking Rewards System.

    Updateeeedddd + Bump
  8. UU-S IS BACK (once again)

    OMFG IS THAT SAO? uh i mean... Admins are able to automatically be in a subdivision, but as iamindy said, you can choose to 1v1 us. Would be glad to have you in :3
  9. My Last Farewell

  10. ZAM Update log / Idea thread

    I know how to shoot the ks23 as fast as the spas... its a lil trick. and the ks23 is the strongest shotguns in ZaM, except the DragonsBreath. Plus classixz is adding new weapons. I've been testing with him with bots with the new weapons, etc. you can find i think some of them in my screenshots. The kar and deagle are for VIP, MVPs dont really get any more guns than VIP. If free players get the VIP loadout, what will the VIP loadout have? and once my Tokens idea comes out, everything will change.
  11. ZAM Update log / Idea thread

    Use a Camera Spike lolololol
  12. These new "hack" commands.

    how the hell could something like that happen? i think admins or 90s can use /devmap but idk. maybe a bug happened when a server crashes, and got restarted?
  13. ZAM Update log / Idea thread

    we already have a class for our UU-S loadout. but still, pretty good ideas for the other classes if you ask me
  14. UU-S IS BACK (once again)

    uhm, ok back to the topic, and as Elmo said UU-S is for skilled people who can get large feeds, or trickshots. for example i like a person who climbs a high ladder like WMD, and attempts a 720 y-y kill, or a 360 tomahawk, even if they fail. or the people who actually use their sniper at any range, close range, far range, mid range all game even if they camp. what i'm trying to say is, anyone who uses the sniper frequently and are at least 6-10 skilled, they have the necessary components of being in UU-S. Info: Having video evidence that you are good will highly boost your chance of being in UU-S and boost the chance of getting in quicker.