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  1. On March 19, 2016 at 9:19 AM, ***James Emery*** said:

    plzz post in UU member application area OR zam member application and follow the templtae


    He already is posted in the ZAM applications and yes follow the template. If you are posting for a UU application  (as far as it sounds like you are) then I'm sorry to say this and no Cyber, I'm not judging you and no I don't hate you xD. I don't think you deserve UU, probably because I'm sure you irritate some or most of the people in the community and that's while you're in-game. I haven't been on ZAM for a week, but I can give a example of the annoying's thing about you. Okay, it's when everytime I kill you you say "camper" and if I remember you even type in !calladmin Madara  camping" something like that. And I'm like wtf I didn't camp  and maybe if I were to be camping it's probably because the zombies speed is slow. Making it look like I was camping, but wasn't camping though. So don't be disappointed though, you still have a chance to be UU, that's if you show the community your maturity and appropriate behavior, rather then being those type of  immature/dumb players which a community would no doubt dislike. And if you're just applying for a ZAM app, better mean it when it comes to "obeying rules" not just don't mean it.


    EDIT: With the mature and appropriate behavior, not act like that for 6 days or less, but maybe a month or longer, when I guess you could say when everyone has forgotten about your bad rep in ZAM.

  2. 18 hours ago, (UU)RAHUL MISHRA said:



    What’s your name?:RAHUL MISHRA

    Where are you from?INDIA

    Your Steam profile link:

    What is your full DoB, and age?:11/11/2002

    Please explain in at least 75 words why you want to be a member:I WANT TO BE  A MEMBER OF UndeadUprising because I see a lot of people joining ZAM and they are too new  there is my friend named big smoke :DD he was just new and I WANT everyone to join to play zam i got lot of friends who dont know about ZAM and that to I had played 2 and a half year  and I will always RESPECT ZAM and trust me please give me a chance to get membership I will do my job as per the rules LOVE YOU ZAM I WILL ALWAYS BE RESPECTFUL TO THE PLAYERS I WILL BAN GLITCHING  OR HACKING .

    Do you understand that being a member doesn’t set you above any rules?:NO

    Do you expect to receive anything for being a member?:yes,because I will always follow the rules


    How did you find UndeadUprising?ABSOLUTELY PERFECT AND BEST MOD EVER 

    Were you referred from anyone?NO

    Post the link to our rules:

    Have you read and understood our rules?YES, I ALREADY DID


    I realize you don't understand English and the questions aren't answered probably but why disagree with the set you part. I -rep for a reason. You are respectful yourself. For the fighting thing good for you that you would stop those berserk ragers.

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  3. On February 12, 2016 at 1:43 PM, The One Patriot said:


    Nice limb expect I hit one in jungle across map and he didn't die cuz limb pro :l but I hitted him. Still this limb is perfect not trying to disappoint you.


    btw you make interesting videos.

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  4. 5 hours ago, The One Patriot said:

    Nope, "people breaking rules 24/7" pshhh i barely ever see someone glitch nowadays. Even rage quiters, So much less!

    Secondly, if ppl cri in game, and say "OH OMG OMG I WILL REPORT YOU! %&293*#@%&@ YOU SUCK!"....if you havent broken any rules...then why would you even care what they say?

    I mean most of us deal with that everyday...but yea be a quitter i guess, up to you

    Actually, there are atleast a bunch of rqs, they are new though but that's different.


    And btw, zam has staff for a reason if rules are broken 24/7. UU members I'm talking about too,  though they could only notice, lookup, and poke  I believe that's all the cmds. Rule breakers can't be stopped, they will be people who come on zam just to mess up the fun when it comes to glitches out the map, and all that other poo poo bs. We just stop the waves of rule-breakers if they come to us.


    ignore all those other whiners who say, I rep0rt u screen omg ban. Well, it's what I would do. I wasn't here 3 years ago but just do that..

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  5. On February 10, 2016 at 6:06 PM, GK Josh said:

    Can you make a Camping class called Camper with camping stuff like a big SMG and its for only vip and higher?


    You can just camp with the LSAT and you either buy CIA to use the motion sensor and place it in a good spot nearby where you are camping. Those = camping stuff if that's what you mean.

  6. I think it's fine as it is, however I really did thought that the fog in December was great however the red was alittle bad  it was a  6/10 in my opinion. If you do hate the black fog though, you can always use the flash class to buy the stroke of daylight to remove the fog that's if, if you have MVP but if you don't you can always ask someone to use the class to remove it (pls don't be too demanding tho :p) However it wouldn't last the whole game it's only temporally. And about the cades, I prefer the black not the texture blue one. 




  7. It really is nice for you to be translating everything to one who doesn't speak English, helping them is another. I do see a lot of people who speak different languages aside from English, I understand that. However since I am your friend and I do talk to you on steam you do break rules. Just like the time (few days ago) you did rq. (Gave him a chance, yes I'm that nice even though I don't think what I did was allowed.) And I'm sure I could be wrong but there's something that isn't wrong which is on the forums, you got reported by a member of who plays ZAM. Showing that you posted your UU application before you were banned shows that you don't really mean the thing about "rules." You glitched then got banned. I'm sorry to expose you, you're a great guy but I think I'm doing ZAM and  UU a favor.


    Hopefully I helped the staff team. If I didn't I'm sorry.

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  8. Hi there!

    I was just wondering why I got banned. So here's what  happened. So when my last game was over before I went to 1v1 my friend, when  the 1v1 with my friend was over  I  wanted to go play ZAM and heres the message I got when I decided to go back playing  ZAM.


    it says I got banned for RQ for a two days.
    So the question is how did I get banned and when? I'm sure I left the game when it was immediately over (my last game) so how is it possible? Was it a game  before my last game? I think around the time there was about 7 people or something but I thought I was allowed to leave when the game was over even though under 11+ zombies. If I misunderstood the rules.
    You don't have to unban me I'm totally fine with being banned, I just want to know that's all. And I rarely rq tbh I rqed probably twice in all of my time playing ZAM. 1 I did it cause of bots but that was still not right and now when I come back to it I'm like
    wtf why did I do it? So you could ban me to my first one if you like or if there was a reason for the 2nd rq then do it for 4. It's fair enough.  I <3 zam btw.

  9. Why can't you accept a ban? Please, you're older then me and you can't accept a 28 hour ban while there is proof that you can't face. (as far as I can see). I'm sure trusted members could take a longer ban then 28 hours. Meh~ a month maybe, 2 weeks, I'm just saying. Don't mean to stick my butt in it tho as maybe I'm not apart of this war and it's not in my place to judge this appeal, but I just felt like it idk why...


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  10. 2 hours ago, ViiRuS_iQuicKZ said:

    But if you are an MVP player you can just simply use the Scout class. It consists of a DSR-50 and an XPR-50. You can also choose the Spetsnaz class. It consists of a Dragunov which does decent damage.

    You can also go to the weapons shop and you'll find the L96A1 in the normal weapons section.

    I also hear that Random Weapons consist of sniper rifles. But be cautious you never know what you'll get since there are more than just sniper rifles and plus it's called "random weapons."

    I quoted twice .-. And I doubt if you were to remove one of the snipers replacing it with the l118A the players will be mad as hell. But doesn't using it all time eventually get boring? That's what I don't understand. I'm even already getting bored using all the MVP classes plus VIP classes and I got MVP a month ago. No, I'm not saying they both suck, I guess I get bored easily. Btw just use the L96A1 they look similar lol.


    Gun name: M21 slienced (camouflage)

    From: Cod4 All All Ghillied Up


    I feel like either Snife or ZAM needs to add this weapon to anyone of the servers, I know everyone is going to be saying what are you going to do with Summit, WMD, GRID, and Array when all of those are snow maps and the camouflage ghille is green (grass) Well, when it comes to hiding its going to be hard I guess to put green over white while hiding under a snowy bush and I'm talking about ZAM not snife. Well, to me I think adding the sniper to snife is better due to not having to hide unless SND, or Domlition  but still I just feel like its just a better choice.


    I just feel like its cool to have the  camouflage wrapped over the gun.


    The gun is good for maps: Jungle..


    However if this doesn't please you then this maybe might?


    Gun name: M21 (different camo/without camouflage)

    From: Cod4 Mutiplayer, or single I believe, I haven't played the game in for ages so I don't remember. :l


    This gun seems like a better choice to me (but thats my opinion) but I like the other better tho due to the looks I guess.. but that doesn't matter

    This gun too me might seem like a better choice due to the stuff  I said above I think this fits more into either ZAM or snife (Looks good on snife of the way I'm imagnating it.) but aside from that its an  action bolt rapid fired weapon that does shoot out like a rifle based weapon or close I guess... I think as fast as the Barret 50 CAL. I believe this is good for all maps for hiding.

    But anyways what weapon will you guys choose both, none, or either one of these of the following. Ik there the same but if either gun is added i'll be happy bout it, however you don't have to follow this ofc.


    - FYI my first ever suggestion so im sorry if its presented badly or if its not. I tried.







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  12. Counter spy plane for zombies.. It for some reason doesn't feel right, but adding a SOG knife meh rip MVP users you should just stick to the ballistic knife it's better for it to be like that.

    What I said above though is like saying rip VIP because corporal has the blackbird in shop and zombies have sr-71 which is the same.

  13. I think bots are good enough.. Even though when some players complain about their auto knife and aimbot. I usually test my skills,with them you know maybe if I'm practicing my quickscoping skills with the m40a3 on them like using them as a firing range target. I know I'm treating them like crap, prob because since I could be a noob at times I can practice my skills with bots even though there not the real thing. (I prepare myself for the real thing using bots.) Anyways bots are players and are like players so you should  be glad that you have atleast someone on, even though they are boring and dumb, to me though they are apart of ZAM. :)



    I'm stupid, I put quotes ontop, since im getting the hang of these forums, but anyways 


    Is this allowed or no, because I do believe it is allowed since you can even kill them with knife aside from limbs, but putting cades up there? Isn't that like... not allowed because I feel it is. Btw was about to report till I just wanted to ask the question before I do such a thing.


    Oh well, I rather hear it from the staff not myself.