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  1. One last month

    yes pls
  2. .

    If you have a solid argument, why erase your post? Clearly you had something on your mind, so speak of it.
  3. .

    Admins don't need evidence; we trust their intuition.
  4. LET'S PLAY ZAM!!!1

    both of you are retarded, just can't figure out which one is worst
  5. [IDEA]ZAM The procedure in turning into a zombie

    It's already like that, if you become zombie one round, you cannot the round after that. i believe so anyway, it was quite a recent addition if I'm informed correctly
  6. The Peanut got mad

    at the end of the day, you're both peanuts
  7. 24 Hour Ban after lagging out twice.

    i mean, the fact that you lagged out again clearly tells me you knew your internet was sucking and you kept joining, obviously you knew it would happen again. but then again i get how frustrating it is when you lag out when playing.
  8. away

  9. away

    surely then you have a laptop from the 1990's
  10. away

    just use your laptop monitor for you PC? plug it into your pc how hard can it be xD
  11. ZAM players

    did you get someone to specifically make a video about you wallhacking? nah i didnt think so xD
  12. ZAM players

    I mean recently theres been Free MVP/VIP weekends every month... xD and surprise-surprise thats almost only times we had a nice and healthy number of people on the server. People need A LOT of incentives to play these days, many people leave because they find being a zombie boring, sure it may be boring more times than not, so something needs to be added to motivate players to be zombies. e.g. Zombie leaderboards with rewards, for example top 3 after each month get something cool, VIP, Greeting, a random loot box that can give them shit like customized camos, starting points, etc i dunno, its tough, black ops 1 ageing isnt helping I mean its obvious i would be #1 every month, but you know... 2nd and 3rd place up for grabs (not)
  13. ZAM players

    the only successful event was the free VIP/MVP weekends, only those seem to bring players, aside from that, the odd lucky day or two where it fills up. Black ops 1 is just getting old as fuk, nothing wrong with ZAM, if this was 4 years ago, the server would have 24/24 all day everyday.
  14. The bug called <<Injustice>>

    Ye i seen this happen, people sometimes get picked twice, i thought griggz knew about it, so i didnt say much
  15. i'm not a bad player :'(

    Reinstall the Mod maybe
  16. wolf

    being neo nazi is worse
  17. MyXas Humiliating Staff Applications

    literally nothing on here is true xd, almost everything made up, actually ye everyhing is made up
  18. ZAM 2.3.X

    how could this happen to me, ive made my mistakes...xD
  19. Forcefield

    1 forcefield a game is enough already... xD,
  20. Ban appeal - 2nd part

    I dont think anyone would try so hard to get unbanned if they left on purpose. Not saying that this kid aint lying, but i would propose looking into it more, instead of saying ''kys i wont unban you lolololo''
  21. Can't play zam atm.

    reinstall windows..... ok good i just read you will do that. and dont get 8.1 are u kidding me xd
  22. Little Suggestion

    fak off yer kids with your cadestreaks xD, lil tryhard campers xd
  23. idk

    that usually didnt work xd, it would still reset every time, maybe its different now dunno
  24. No drama pls

    you try hardcamp every game too LOL XD someones a bit hypocritical
  25. No drama pls

    probably most downie comment ive seen