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  1. wht the best plat knife

    in ur opinion whts the best plat knife
  2. selling a psn account

  3. selling a psn account

    hitman pvz sniper elite 3 slender dying light need for speed rivals surgeon simulator outlast overwatch verdun trails fusion rocket leuge i need u buy this thing for me dosent require a address u just need give me tht code comment and ill reply with me facebook /skype
  4. i really need this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Unban-PS3-Console-ID-100-Private-IDPS-CID-PSID-MAC-with-one-week-warranty/322290268532
  5. An Account with plat all skins except hazmat and sarah and the account also includes mvp and vip all for 17$ contact me on facebook if intrested or comment It also has bo3 https://www.facebook.com/james.emery.12720
  6. RQS Server needs admins

    This server need to get old admins back or else everyone breaks rules everyone rqs because barley anyone reports..... PLease bring back admins like frupisss and virus
  7. My new Video

    yeh thx dude
  8. My new Video

  9. My new Video