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  1. Zam BO3 and zam.

    I asked Classixz and he told me there arn't enough assets released yet. Only the stuff from The Giant is released.
  2. Can you please bring back the old Nuketown? The Nuketown that you could have a good time camping in the house upstairs and get far into the game. The Nuketown that I remember from a few years ago. I understand that the community is going all "Anti-Knife," and all, but I bet a lot of other people want it back also. I see nothing wrong with camping, and I feel like you should play how YOU want to. Running around can take more "Skill" but 1. Taking away good spots on good maps isn't a good way to get a lot more people to join - and 2. At least to me, I've always like holding back a bunker while people attack, more than searching for the enemy. It's just me, and I understand that a lot of people like knifing more. Could we please have a vote? The new Nuketown is just... ehh. Not that much fun especially since it's the main map in all of the Black Ops Series. They've brought it back each time they made a new Nuketown. Almost everyone likes the map! And a lot of people like camping. Making it almost impossible to camp and get far into the game while having fun, kind of dumbs down Nuketown. While there are some good spots, they aren't that much fun to use and don't get you that far unless it's only like 2 zombies against you. So, like I said, can we PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEEASE get a vote on if we should bring back the old map? If it's voted no, we don't bring it back. If it's voted yes, we bring it back, or just bring back some of the good spots. Thanks! Also, Launch is one of the best maps in my opinion. But you normally only get 1-2, maybe just MAYBE 3 goes of Launch just because Nuketown is the next map. Could you maybe change the rotation to have Launch have some worse maps around it? Thanks! ~DolphinPanda007
  3. Bring back the old Nuketown please.

    Either time zones or EU/US
  4. Bring back the old Nuketown please.

    Edit: When I said "Anti-Knife" I meant to say "Anti-Camp."
  5. I am sorry.

    I understand now that I was being rude and spamming in chat. I am very sorry, and I understand why you banned me, and that you probably wont un-ban me and I will have to wait. I will be glad to wait, but just so you know, if I come back I won't do it again. I hope to play again soon. Thank You ~DolphinPanda007
  6. I am sorry.

    I don't remember ever getting banned other than this time. I will try my BEST to not spam. Sometimes I just get silly, and I am sorry this happened.
  7. !fpsboost return?

    I like brighter colors for playing a video game, and more fps, and seeing zombies far away (I dislike the smoke) but this kind of brightness... makes it seem like a cartoon to me. For example, look at the moving truck.
  8. ZAM Barricades

    Yeah yeah yeah! Just like that but make it for the unbreakable cade and add the rim I was talking about.
  9. ZAM Barricades

    For the unbreakable cades, I think you should make it a purple center with a gold/red fade in. So like the center would stay purple but the rim would be changing inbetween red and gold. Similar to how Griggzor's UU emblem fades in from orange to black.
  10. New Avatar & Free To Use Renders - UU

    Well that sucks *Cri Cri Cri*
  11. New Avatar & Free To Use Renders - UU

    Can you make me one? I am not part of UU but it would be nice to have one of these! Maybe it could have a Dolphin on the left U and a Panda on the right U? For the background maybe you could use this picture:
  12. ZAM 1.9.6

    I dont see the arlington spot at d2.... and yes on grid.