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  1. If you're always confused by my replies please just ask what I mean and I will gladly help.

  2. I used to stalk and follow a Jesse is that you?

    1. Jesse


      What you mean? Probably yes, I always had this username

    2. Beluga Whale

      Beluga Whale

      Could be multiple Jesses

  3. Thanks for the image 10/10 would steal again

    1. viirus_iquickz


      I think that you aren't allowed to do something like that. You have crossed the line! How dare you!

      I would love to see what the admins have to say about this. 

      You do realize that everyone can see this single status update. You done fucked up now!

    2. Beluga Whale

      Beluga Whale

      Did that on purpose.