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  1. Cya

  2. The Future of UndeadUprising

    Indy for president
  3. The Future of UndeadUprising

    Oh god no
  4. INdyS.Vidz

  5. What I think

    I made a mistake, I apologized, its not gonna happen again. Now, obviously, the best would be for me to stay out of this since this has nothing to do with me, but arent they discussing the topic right here? As far as I know, Luc and Emma were trying to discuss the topic with you in private aswell.
  6. What I think

    I forgot to say, and I know that my opinion doesnt matter since im not a UU member, but mr. Kevin, why do you hate our group? Were just friends who play games together, I dont understand what you have against us. Luc has the right to say what he thinks, maybe we agree, maybe we dont, but dont you, sir, think its kind of stupid to blame this on all of us?
  7. What I think

    I wonder if the 3 guys who passed the interview and got into UU know what they started