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  1. How to record | Edit | Upload Videos ;)

    Hey guys In the moment i see ZAM videos and they suck the graphics suck!!!! Anyways continuing i recorded multiple footage for BO1 and it is really amazing Before i start quick Shoutout to Overwolf for the program ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ First of all dont download any of that crappy free shit ok they place water marks and the graphics are shit [Fraps,Bandicam....etc] never use them its like advertising something u dont want to and it sucks watching a video with someone's watermark on it Download Overwolf ::: http://www.overwolf.com/ Free Download dont worry Then you install it from here you sign in or skip the sign in part Sign in (Recommended) Then follow the steps over here Press App Store > Capture and streaming > Game Capture hit download then you'll see a gui pop up on the left (Default) And then start capturing from here i guess u can press settings play with the options like u please but i suggest keeping it the best way now u configure it not the Program itself ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Editing Very Hard Complex but not complicated first thing is first you get camtasia i suggest buying it or cracking it or whatever fits u i bought it cuz they deserve it they are the best Camtasia is a big ass program used to edit videos and stuff to crop cut paste remove background much more now guys if you do want a video on basic editing u can be free to ask me down in the comments Plus it isnt that hard its really easy Download Camtasia ::: https://www.techsmith.com/camtasia.html Then Follow the steps over here Press Free trial or buy the PC or Mac verison your choice > Install the Software > And start editing Thanks to the Video creator MrAusLtd - The Shelf Monkey go check his channel out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkiGrvf2M0tTuG8Sc5zCSxg Then you should be ready to go after that You want to Upload that video you made Easy peasy Thanks to JL G4M1NG for the video go check him out https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCLRWlqCagarQdspjfvilTmQ Ok so have fun Recording Editing and Uploading dont forget to AD your videos guys more tutorials coming soon