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  1. B3 B3 B3... WHY B3

    Rly denny you know that i havnt utility to rq i only play zam so for me its a good excuse and more my screen give a good proof that its not a rq
  2. B3 B3 B3... WHY B3

    So i have been ban without rq, lot of person know that since one or two month my connections bug and idk why soudzntly my connections crashed but it was weird so i decided to take a screenshots: And its not difficult to know that i never rq Please if i don't play i will dont have the choice to help my grandma, its really horrible
  3. wolf

    welcome nice to meet you
  4. How to post a correct player report

    Its like my video, but you speak in english and its the things who show that your video is better.
  5. Advanced ZAM Vote 2.0

    Yes this could be a good ide.
  6. Advanced ZAM Vote 2.0

    Its not a bad idea, but i will say the same thing that jesse but it will be all the time Nuketown, (i like this map) but just few games, and for the party its nice to play this type of game just few times all the time it will be boring, you understand what we want mean?
  7. Boy Boy Patarino ZAM Montage

  8. Happy birthday! later...

  9. How do a good report.

  10. How do a good report.

    I decided to post this video, for the players who don't know how make a (good) report.
  11. i don't understand

    i never take wizzard! it was with cold blodded or raven
  12. i don't understand I have sometimes this when i play and soudently i make a big jump but its weird
  13. How do i imagine new cades.

    It's nice!
  14. A few suggestions for zam

    Not only the staffs cades, the staff and normal players can have the same sanctions!^^ But yes i am okey with your ideas, hope that it will be accept.