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  1. I only count 7. but who's counting?
  2. Ok so I mentioned to classixz the idea of adding to the mod a time limit on camping! Basically how it works is you can camp for so many minutes, then you have 40 seconds to leave the area just far enough from your camp area, then you can come back to it. I played this type of setting on another modded server and immediately I thought, wow.... this is what all those whiners need who complain about noobs like me camping all the time But joking aside, for real, I think it could be cool idea. Thoughts from you guys?
  3. I had 8, which is ridiculous as far as odds go.. but no where close to 12. maybe with this luck, you should hit the casino..
  4. Happy Birthday to an amazing friend! Enjoy your day, pal!

    P.S. It's also my mother's birthday today. Isn't that strange?

  5. I got the exo zombie yesterday and was like WTF !! Cool... it certainly adds a whole new dynamic to the game that will make it interesting! I also witnessed the auto-ban and also thought ALSO VERY COOL and it's about time! I suggest for new players auto-ban for 10 to 30 minutes or something short like that. But the repeat offenders are the ones who need to be nailed IMO new or long time players. Keep up the good work Classixz
  6. Crouch Dragon


    yeah I know, just teasing, and the server was full... and with some of the best ZAM players in the world. I probably would camp in 0:30 seconds
  7. Crouch Dragon


    Nice video, that was a fun game. So you mean you setup camp 1:21 seconds into game?
  8. i dont understand your tutorial? All I hear is you singing in french. Can you do version with english music instead please? thank you
  9. @Bluebird I rage quit because some players were being asses and I was zombie forever and ever. The 5 day ban got extended for 20 more days because I went on EU and played during my 5 day ban. I didn't even know I was banned at first because a lot of people were saying US was down for days and days. I deserve 5 day ban for RQ but Denny slapping 20 extra days on that naturally came to big surprise to me.
  10. I caved in and bought BO3 this weekend, I'm looking forward to ZAM coming to BO3. Will it be all futuristic and crazy - or normalized?
  11. Ha @*FR*skoll really funny considering I am banned for 25 days.
  12. Let's try "vote kick" enabled. I've seen it on other servers and it works - even though everyone's immediate thought it "no it will get abused". Trust me it doesn't because you need unanimous vote for it to even pass through. So if EVERYONE on server is in agreement that player X is AFK, or shooting cades, or not playing objective then it gets voted on. Remember, at least one person with common sense can hold it back from passing by using their discretion, so it can and does work. Try it, what do you have to lose in reality? cheers,
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