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  1. My ZAM house

  2. Not able to purchase in game objects correctly

    ive never had that problem?
  3. How not to RQ.

    I hate when ppl rq!
  4. upgrades

    sry i meant to only make one post but i couldnt find a button to delete it soz :(
  5. upgrades

    hey guys servant here i was just thinking that it might be a cool idea to add upgrades to accounts like if you pay $5.00 you start with speedo and if you pay $3.00 you start of with 150 points to start with you could also do combos like $8.00 to get ninja and stakeout??? whats your thoughts?
  6. can u un-ban me please

    ok ty
  7. can u un-ban me please

    I have been banned by classixz on the 8/19/2014 for 5 days ending at 10:08. today is 8/24/2014 and it is now 8:00pm so can u unban me now plz regards Servant2justice :)