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  1. Your memories!

    I remember joining the mod in its early stages, and working hard to become an admin fast to keep the servers clean. I remember my old time friends: Kickarse, DeMindBlast, King, Griggs, and Classy of course ;). All the times I played the servers were probably my favorite time of the day, and I can't wait till I get to rejoin my peeps, and crush all the noobies, in the glory that is Undead Uprising.
  2. *wipes single glistning tear away* That. Was. Beautiful. I think that you are UU Ramsey and should not have to apply :P I also am getting my laptop in febuary SO I WILL BE BACK MOTHER FUCKERS! YOU THOUGHT YOU SAW THE LAST OF ME, BUT YOU DIDN"T! YOU GET ME FOR LONGER! MWAAAAAAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA
  3. No Fap for UU

    I fail every second as I am always "wanking"
  4. Ban by platffus

    Moral of the story: Don't glitch or break rules. You knew you were doing something wrong, and continued to do it. I think 7 days is fine, because you knew your were glitching. Take your punishment like a man and play with us again after knowing not to break rules. :)
  5. Hi I'm Death Poenix

    Welcome to the MOD! I am glad you are enjoying it so much!
  6. Forgive me Undead Uprising.

    I didn't understand a word he just said...
  7. Need some feedback for the new store..

  8. Maybe a VIP/MVP Event ? ~

    I'll do whatever you tell me to indy ;)
  9. ZAM Server Admin apply.

    Just a heads up, if you want to apply for something, use the proper format for it, otherwise your application will not even be looked at. Also, I have been playing this mod for a long time, and have never seen you on either server. And this isn't even in the right section. Lastly, it's best to use proper grammar when applying for something. That's all I have to say about this.
  10. Kevin's Introduction

    Kevin is my bae.
  11. Trading cards

    I may have some cards you can have king, what kind you want?
  12. The faggot Axrill is back :c

    Ugh why noobs gotta noob?
  13. [1.7] Cade limb

    I agree with indy, cade limb should stay the same and prices should increase
  14. Help me decide what my next tournament should be!

    I think a cool tournament would be a sniping only tournament.
  15. Trading cards

    Uhhh yea Relow, spamming is the worst thing you can do if you are applying for anything, so uhhh yea have fun with not being an admin.