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  1. So i started youtube

    Yes sure man! But i'm having a very busy summer actually, so i gotta wait a bit to play on a regular base... But whenever i have time, i will join the servers
  2. So i started youtube

    Good job bro, i remember you as a good boi IG we had some chill talks i think (Im also gonna upload again on my channel, so subscribe :p) ps: dennyb and others retards with rights, don't ban me for 'advertising', again...
  3. So i started youtube

    Keep making knifing videos! good job
  4. UU-K and UU-S

    I haven't played zam for months... Is knifing still a thing actually? I see all these new guys discussing to bring uuk back...I bet they knife till 5 kills and then go to a safe spot to camp. Or am I wrong?