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  1. Hi I have MVP and I recently bought Misty skin. I usually see people have bowie knife with the misty skin. I am not talking about buying it in the raven class shop, but they have it since the game starts. Even in the ZAM SHOP item description it says that you get a 500 damage knife. So my question is , is this a bug ? Am I missing something ? Is bowie only available in the platinum class ? Does Misty have only the normal knife ? Thank you for any useful answer.
  2. Ok so probably I am not the only one who has been waiting longer than it should for the items to be activated after we made a purchase. I understand there is only 1 guy who adds stuff to the server, which honestly it's not my problem it is the managers problem. I suggest it would be nice to add an refund option to the store so people could at least get their money back after the promises of the site did not happen. People buy this stuff because they like the mod and they want to support it ( like me ) but if this is the way to manage things around here .... well give people the option to get back their money. Start taking things a little more seriously...
  3. Can you please update the server with the content I bought. 4 days have passed already ...

  4. Creating a manual for the skills ?

    It actually works. I tried it but you have to use the normal knife only when you spend 1800 points on it ( which is 2x multiplier ) you get 400 points per knife kill
  5. Hi I'm new here but have been playing for a while on this mod. I have MVP but still I don't know how some things work. Lets say what BLOOD skill does or how the point multiplier works... So i suggest someone who does know , should make a manual. Thank you JAkob