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  1. Whats up with zam?

    love u fag
  2. wolf

    being neo nazi is worse
  3. wolf

  4. Funny screen shots - post yours!

    the second screenshot.. xd
  5. Selling Few Accounts

    hit me up with that tekken account and we are G U C C I
  6. Staff Application.

    In-Game Name: Your name: Ivan Your Steam profile link: http://steamcommunity.com/id/blackscreen_ Why do you want to become a moderator on our servers? (How can you help? In what way will you help?): From 2013-2014, I've enjoyed ZAM for what is was and what it became throughout the time I've played on it. However, I was too young. I saw many people who had a lot more potential and had much more maturity than I did. I recently came back not too long ago and I enjoy ZAM much more than I did 2-3 years ago. Its prospered and aged well, how much better the mod itself has become, and the same goes for the community. I enjoy interacting with other players in the community and making new friends. When I came back, I saw many new players coming into the server, and as staff I feel like I'll be able to offer a better experience for new players, giving them tips and advice, and making sure they know the rules while playing. Do you have any previous experience as admin/moderator? (Which games? Servers?): I have been Owner on a couple of somewhat known servers back in the day on Call Of Duty 4, Pure Deathrun, RvS' Gaming, I've been co-owner on one Garrys Mod server, Simple GmodZ, and as of now (I feel it is worth mentioning) I am staff in a IW4x community known as WzA. Do you have a microphone?: Yes I do. Do you have Discord/TeamSpeak?: I have both. What is your Discord username? (Username#1234): Buk Lau#3960 Where are you from? I was born in the United States. How old are you? (Please post your full birth ex. 1990-09-13 and your age): 2000-09-29, currently 16 years old. How many hours do you play each week?: I round about 15-20 hours each week, if not more. Which days of the week are you most active on?: Weekends. Since it is summer vacation I am on more often but currently I am very busy with personal matters so I am quite busy during each morning/afternoon. At what time of the day are you the most active on?: 2:30-3:00 until I take a break which would be before 10 pm strikes. If you become a moderator, In what way will you help our servers? (Tell us how you will help out, what you will do and how you will do it.): As stated prior, there are a lot more newer players joining the server recently, and I will help spread knowledge about the rules and deal with any rulebreakers that trouble the server. If I am stuck on deciding what should be done, I will ask a higher-up staff such as FR-Skoll for assistance. Anything else we should know about you?: No. Have you read our requirements for applying and do you fulfill them?: Yes I have and I do. Please insert the link to our rules here:
  7. hehexd funny meme

    *its not my video btw, just wanted to share since i thought this guy's accuracy was insane lmao*
  8. Bug Reports

    @stlmokevin so he can provide the bug proof/bug happening in action. @Classixz, I know you're aware of these bugs, but I'm tagging you here anyway. A few minutes ago (while making this post), two bugs had occurred on the server, one of which was my fault, and the other was purely just bad timing. First bug: This pertains to the Nova Gas. You thought it was OP, but its a lot more OP than you think (or at least until Classixz fixes it, lets hope soon). If chosen as a Alpha Zombie, and lets say you were cooking a Nova Gas grenade before being picked, it will go off, killing off every hunter around your death location. Now, I know it was my fault, but it was by accident. I explained it to Kevin and he understands. I take the blame for forgetting this actually existed, mindlessly attempting to toss a nade into the Zombie's spawn. I'll be a lot more careful next time. Second bug: This pertains to one of the Raven's abilities, Adapt. What Adapt does is, it makes a Hunter invisible for 20 seconds. If killed right after or while using Adapt, your playermodel will still be invisible, and no Hunter can see you. I'm not sure if it even turns you back into a visible state eventually. Kevin will provide the demos needed so that new players or players that are unaware of these bugs will be able to see them in action,, and hopefully will be more careful, should anything like this actually happen in-game. Do NOT abuse these bugs because it can turn into a ban for you.
  9. ZAM Gungame #3

    Thank you!
  10. Ban appeal

    Pretty sure if you were disconnected from the match you would've timed out, instead of it saying you left the game. Just a thought.
  11. No drama pls

    ex>girlfriend, hell of a typo T B H
  12. No drama pls

    Nagini, when i got on 16:00 CEST (friend's timezone is the same as Classixz's) on the map Array, you were AFK for about 1-2 mins, and when i asked you to play objective in a jokingly manner, your excuse was "my girlfriend just broke up with me, and now she wants to text me, give me a moment" like, does that make it okay for you to go AFK or something? check the chat logs around the time specified, you'll see what exactly what happened during that match. Like Jesse stated, this IS NOT a hate post, its just that the things you have been doing lately (disrespecting players, breaking rules as staff, etc) isn't looking good. At all.
  13. New ZAM bunkers

    hahaha its alright dude! understandable.
  14. New ZAM bunkers

    +1 can vouch, was there and he asked me politely to leave shortly after joining
  15. ZAM Gungame #2

    enjoy, ignore the voices in the background, they were busy coding for their MW2 server and i didnt get a chance to mute my sound on discord
  16. ZAM Gungame #2

    I appreciate it bro
  17. ZAM Gungame

    enjoy, ignore the voices in the background, they were busy coding for their MW2 server and i didnt get a chance to mute my sound on discord
  18. enjoy, clip of me & FROSTY camping and shortly after running (i only caught the last 5 minutes of the match unfortunately)
  19. a quick clip (in zombie mode)

    once again, enjoy the clip
  20. ZAM Gameplay

    enjoy lads