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  1. [ZAM]Back to the past

    It will be a VERY huge post, and it will be supplemented every day Guys, I decided to make something new is about ZAM, but only the chosen know how to look ZAM server 2015-2017 years, including I Few people remember how to look ZAM server from 2014 to 2017, and I want to tell all I know about this server ZAM I propose to look at those who are new, I wish good luck to those who want to learn this server. ▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀ 2014 early appearance of the server! ✔-No effect night, was just black sky and the bright sun ✔-from 2017 ZAM had no model and was just an ordinary model of the maps model of the maps ✔-Not available model zombies (Nazi) but just a regular model but the ability (Ghost) ✔-Appeared a hands zombie, which the enemy could hit people (BRAINNZZZ) ✔-The barricades people were red-color foggy ✔-VIP barricades was iron-brown color,and the emblem of the VIP was green, but it looks like headcoin ✔-Barricades Admin was purple, and was the emblem of the red Admin(in fact. they have not changed the barricade of the admin he is in 2017) he is in 2017) ✔-Glasses ZAM was quite different ( looked blue)blue collorblue color) ✔-There was a console ✔-Cade streak was on the other (green color) ✔-ZAM menu had a different format ✔-No menu skins ✔-No menu select set privileges(VIP, MVP) ✔-Photo of ZAM server at boot ATTENTION THIS IS NOT THE END I WILL EXPAND THIS POST TOMORROW Thank you Classixz and Griggzor that made a GORGEOUS SERVER, tomorrow I will Supplement this post (2015 Development server)
  2. [ZAM]Back to the past

    I don't know, will be back tomorrow (while there are people to answer what they think on this post) and I will go find bugs on the server
  3. [ZAM]Back to the past

    75% of people don't see small font so I decided to use a large font
  4. How to pump a your skill in ZAM?

    Many people ask this question, as really properly use your skills. Proceed in order- A normal player (without privileges)-The first thing to score a lot of points-how about 500 points to buy a speedo. To learn how you can have bots (intelligence as average, sometimes a heap on the wall) They can be beat and slowly to train with every step. Recommended for quick leveling your skills is to hit him from the side and maybe you'll get ahead. In the store special items have different knuckles is truly a knife for ordinary without the privileges of a player who possibly can beat is faster and steeper for at the time of the knife. The player with the privilege (often happens with VIP OR MVP perhaps premium and platinum)-Maybe this will make it easier for many this task as it has many abilities-it's speedo(rate of fire and reload), and Ghost(evading radar). There are as arms and possibly create your own weapons (this is in the privileges of platinum) in contractual agreement can make your it yourself on the website Thank you for this your browsing information
  5. You guys think that everyone on the server ZAM unexpectedly become a zombie, you think you are in next round will be survivors but there you are anyway the zombie and can continue very many times! I decided to come up with ideas about turning a zombie what does that mean? The fact is, that if you become the first zombie and your ally(or bot) that after this round where you become a zombie with your ally(or bot) then you are on the next round you will not become a zombie and become a zombie those who were not in the last round Just for me as it is not logical to make someone a zombie 10 times with the same person ;( Don't know if bug but I was the same zombie more than 20 times and not because of the new rq (for rq autoban) A smart decision to use this idea
  6. [IDEA]ZAM The procedure in turning into a zombie

    Yes, it is just uncomfortable to become zombies so many times Classixz and Griggzor can and will make something from this idea possible..
  7. [IDEA]ZAM The procedure in turning into a zombie

    Sorry Nagini, I will try to do so that you really understand everything ;), will soon be a new idea
  8. [IDEA]ZAM The procedure in turning into a zombie

    Great joke Nagini I know if really do not understand I will tell - If the person became a zombie in the next round, he did not become a zombie and become a person who was not in the previous round (ie in the queue, it is my opinion Classixz and Griggzor themselves will provide for this idea) P. S do not recommend giving a hint about the fact that I don't know English, it's somehow indecent
  9. [BUG] [Players can do everything, even if you cannot.]

    Hike you're right Classixz, even after the vote in ZAM the camera switches to the incoming player, and ZAM is not affiliated with this glitch with compared unmodded Black ops
  10. Attention! this error is not a lie! Actually, I didn't expect such a turn of errors Error [ on our server, 2 living fire of the soul(me) and Sammehh sat on the Nuketown map in the place where many people camp at the end of the corner, where exposed to a lot of the fence behind us was a zombie bots and single player, we shot, we were bored we only hit one zombie, Well, robots, but came henco190524, I am glad that we will have hardcore and.... he suddenly got hit in the back..and he hit us back Interesting! Why should he come back if we will stay here?? Zombies should appear in the back of the seat, where no survivors(humans) I'll show you where it happened. Green-where there should be a zombie in the radius of people(survivors) Yellow-2 living soul flame(me) and Sammehh Red-error, ie, where there was henco190524 Screens http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198116528219/screenshot/853856987589900847 http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1190697793 http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198116528219/screenshot/853856987589901263 By the way, if you see 100 HP and 100 points will explain that he earned by killing me first and killed the second sammehh.... because I didn't screenshot because of the shock of being killed from behind when you enter the game.... Maybe it's a problem with the player entering the game, ie failed or you forgot to put the plug In I don't know, but Griggzor or Classixz to fix this! I even got angry that we almost won, but came to us trouble
  11. ZAM, NEW FAN ART 1920-1080

  12. ZAM, NEW FAN ART 1920-1080

    Hello guys, I made the last fan art Link- The fact that I wanted to Express the ZAM server of Call Of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer, and I decided to make him fan art that he makes us, gives fun on the server every month(or maybe more) gives you VIP/MVP and SKINS, and rich upgrades! Read and view everything you may like! Fan Art Opinion: 1.I couldn't just do fan art, so I did using my usual photographed image of the Firing Range(maps) = 2.I tried to do a red clouds because ZAM halloween version has red clouds 3. [UK]JellyBeam is a fake name that I thought of myself, if you will find really on the server ZAM I could be wrong... 4.By the way, I used skin survivors in menu 3 slots of the skin C. I. A agent, of ZAM-Zombie Annihilation Mod 5. Maybe you have seen that the survivors no left hand, I just wanted to give a bit of hardcore(supposedly as a severed left hand) That's all, soon there will be new arts, ideas, and even bugs! Good luck guys!
  13. [BUG] [Players can do everything, even if you cannot.]

    This another bug broke my fun, or I don't know maybe it's not a bug. the fact that we are back zombies have been spawned when entering the game....
  14. ZAM, NEW FAN ART 1920-1080

    For a long time this image had to do

    Published a new post about fan art- , then coming soon or an idea or finding sudden bugs (most of you got the idea)
  16. Hello guys, I'm back after repairing the motherboard(happened in a crash) and I can start making all new! The first thing I decided to do in honor of Halloween 5 various MVP headicon IMPORTANT! It's only Halloween fan art, don't take it seriously I decided to make Large and small sizes Do not be offended that there's a little bad quality pictures, I just can't correct some of the deficiencies due to glitches, but I will soon fix all the viruses(probably today or tomorrow) [BIG SIZES] 1.Pumpkin head MVP[HEADCOIN],[BIG SIZES] 2.Skull MVP[HEADCOIN],[BIG SIZES] 3.The devil MVP[HEADCOIN],[BIG SIZES] 4.The zombie head MVP[HEADCOIN],[BIG SIZES] 5. and The Death MVP[HEADCOIN],[BIG SIZES] [SMALL SIZES] 1.Pumpkin head MVP[HEADCOIN],[SMALL SIZES] 2.Skull MVP[HEADCOIN],[SMALL SIZES] 3.The devil MVP[HEADCOIN],[SMALL SIZES] 4.The zombie head MVP[HEADCOIN],[SMALL SIZES] 5. and The Death MVP[HEADCOIN],[SMALL SIZES] That's all, soon there will be new arts, ideas, and even bugs! Good luck guys!
  17. The bug called <<Injustice>>

    Hello guys it"s me Flame Souls Want to tell a small bug called <<Injustice>> You're like a surprise under that name <<Injustice>> go ahead. This bug I saw yesterday 9.09.2017, time unknown. Description of the bug called <<Injustice>>:People are prepared when the zombie Apocalypse after the time of meat(zombie Apocalypse) then random people became a zombie 2x times and not the second from other people A victim of this bug was the player(like the player with the privilege of MVP) under the name Wolf He was surprised despite the fact that he became a zombie, with 8 people(man and survivor) More proof here is my screenshot taken in-game Call Of Duty Black Ops Multiplayer from the program of social networks Steam- Hopefully that will fix this random bug New ideas, new bugs, etc will arrive soon! Good Luck guys!
  18. wolf

    My notes:1.So why the need to insult this site on UU-Undead Uprising(I think it does) 2.It's not even a question and not an answer, it's just an insult on the website UU-Undead Uprising 3. Because of this you can only a lot of problems 4.Latest-possibly this is spam This is all my opinion what do you think about this guys?
  19. my zam member application

    Yes, this is what you need to become a moderator Zayden bro, good luck bro! ;D
  20. Hi guys and admin of this website is UU-undead Uprsing and ZAM-Zombie Mod Annihilation I did this idea and it is very like even the Creator of this site UU-Undead Uprising and ZAM-Zam Annihilation Mod (or rather the creators of these companies Classixz and Griggzor) And it would please you! (or rather all) This idea did more than 20 hours (no joke) I think how to make it more colorful and tasteful Why this idea had a very long, 8 hours? *I had to get a closer look website all idea how to avoid plagiarism (view all idea it took 1.9 hours to 1 hours 9 minutes) *I had to consider the company site UU-Undead Uprising as you know (or rather inquisitive gamers and ordinary players) know the logo UU-Undead Uprising I had to make a photoshop using paint.net (no, you don't think it's original paint there is a different and very advanced link in the description)make a sawed-off in the form of rectangles and lines and I did create the logo UU-Undead Uprising (not official)(photoshop took more than 5.1 hours-5 hours 10 minutes.) *Most importantly, I chose the most important tastes to players that they would have liked and not only well, even the Creator, ZAM Member, Moderators and Admin, I made the background in the form of a very beautiful main background and very beautiful logo UU-Undead Uprising - that it was in the center (as in the previous backgrounds when there was a global update for the site UU-Undead Uprising are all there really changed you can see it for yourself and feel)(It took a time change of more than 1.0 hours-1 hours 14 minutes) -.-.-.-.-Description as I promised-.-.-.-.- paint.net search-https://yandex.ru/search/?text=paint.net&clid=1955453&banerid=0500000134%3A5963a840fe8c5f001d7c78ea&win=289&lr=39 paint.net official website-http://paintnet.ru/ -.-.-.-.-Photo for proof-.-.-.-.- Photo-https://gyazo.com/58ac4dc262e8498d7c5a038c3e656ef6 Gif photo-https://gyazo.com/c107c70fd057ddacbd5a2b26b25619fc I'm sorry that you see on 45% of Russian letters I'm just Russian man (in Russian Federation) Here is he official background UU (but made one myself) How it will look on this kosmicheskom UU background? (Lower)-https://gyazo.com/a1f1eb9008f7b6fa5d4947b64a39e160 (Top)-https://gyazo.com/98cee00a7a711107adf91473ad6c0558 Hope you liked it and I'm waiting for comments from the creators of the site UU-Undead Uprising and servers ZAM-Zombie Annihilation Mod it myself Classixz and Griggzor I really tried I hope it is added what do you think guys? This is not all soon to be something new Good luck!
  21. Greeting with friendliness-about me

    Yes, nothing to fight over what country you are from and what your language (English, French, Russian, Romanian, German, Chinese, Japanese, etc.) we need to be friendly for many distances (if it is) but we're just talking and friendliness ^_^
  22. Hey guys maybe you've seen me on the server ZAM-Zombie Annihilation Mod. And I want to tell about yourself in detail. I am a person vital friendly. I always like to go to this this server ZAM-Zombie Annihilation Mod. And often play here and I get this adrenaline and fun. I always respect and do not even do not who pain. I am a man of justice like law and order but that the server will wait for just fun and chatting with other friendly players Why I chose this name (Flame souls)?- Flaming soul embodies the warm facets of life which is not rarely seen, and who mu, I like the name as the Flame Souls Why I chose the image of the tiger? (with seven heads)- Just for the coolness but not only, it is denoted as rate and power (since I'm good with sniper rifles that can aim quickly in the zombie's head partially 45%) Looking for a lot of friends that will always give a good and funny jokes and fun This is about me and everything! Good Luck!
  23. Happy Birthday bro ;D


  24. Forcefield

    ░MyXa░ Everyone wants to get a lot of pleasure than once this is our idea on the link ░MyXa░, bro-https://undeaduprising.net/forums/topic/8546-forcefield-20/?tab=comments#comment-47214 Good luck! bro