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  1. Do you accept our rules? Yes/No Name: Age: Steamid: Nationality: How long can you spend on our server? (Minimum 2 hours): Do you have a microphone? Yes/No Write why do you want to become a moderator (50-150 words): How are you willing to help out the server? Is there anything you would like to change on our server? Maximum time to respond is 1 week.
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    ZEMv4_v6A soon be release Weapons Ballistic Knife Decreased time to start reloading from .7 seconds to .5 seconds Fixed a bug where a knife could be picked up if the player had max reserve ammo Obtaining the Bowie Knife or Sickle no longer gives you more ammo Fixed a bug where a knife could not be picked up if another knife is fired after the first knife and lands before the first knife No longer gibs zombies on impact Fixed first raise animation from showing the ring floating Fixed empty clip animations with Bowie Knife still showing the blade MP40 Fixed sprinting animation not playing correctly when clip is empty Ray Gun Removed weapon bob from movement Added sprint and dive animations from Black Ops 2 Added sound from Black Ops 2 that plays when first obtaining Added sound from Black Ops 2 that plays when attempting to fire without any ammo Increased move speed from 100% to 105% Increased move speed while aiming from 100% to 105% Decreased first raise time from 2.4 seconds to 1.8 seconds Fixed first raise animation lasting too long at the end Scavenger Infinite explosion damage Added impact damage