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  1. Today is your birthday and it should be the best day for you to relax and enjoy the best things in life. Wishing you a Happy Birthday to the most amazing guy and UU brother that I know of. Rock on man!

    1. xStoner420x


      Thanks Viirus, I spent my b-day in a deer stand with my wife, waiting for the right buck to come along. Sadly we didn't find it that day, but we did find it the following morning and she killed it with a 160 yd shot. Damn I'm proud of her. 

      Have a good one brotha. 

  2. Happy Birthday you bastard!!!! I hope you have a great birthday my UU brother.

  3. Happy Birthday to an amazing owner! Enjoy your birthday, Classixz! :thumbsup: :)

  4. LET'S PLAY ZAM!!!1

    For the past few days, I have been thinking of having people come on and play ZAM. So, let's try to get as many people as we can on the server! If you are going to be available on January 26, and/or January 27, then you should come on and play ZAM. Everyone is invited! I will do my best to get on around 3:30 PM-4:30 PM Pacific Time Zone (PST) on both days, and play ZAM for a couple of hours. I will also be on the UU TeamSpeak 3 Server if you want to come and chat. I am looking forward to seeing those people that show up in 11-12 days from now. So, you got time to think about it. Let's party! Come chill and have fun! Cheers!
  5. Zombied bc restroom issues

    I was in-game at the time this actually occurred. This is what I managed to find. - Looks like you got a Server command overflow. No problem! Now, just wait and see what the staff members have to say about this. Good luck!
  6. Banned for game crash

    I think that ZAMB3 automatically bans the people that leave the game when they aren't suppose to, but I'm not too sure if I am right about that as I am just assuming. As for the current staff members, I am not too sure if they actually do something like that (what you stated). When I was a staff member, I do remember doing something like this. That's a pretty good idea.
  7. How to get big money

    How to get big money ( 1. Get a job. 2. Get paid for that job. 3. Profit. You're done. They are called "Points" on the mod, not money.
  8. MVP

    You should keep in mind that it can take anywhere from 1-72 hours before your purchase is activated! If not, contact our support. That's what it says in the UndeadUprising Store FAQ. Hopefully that answers your question.
  9. is zam dead? 

    To answer your question, ZAM is not dead. ZAM can be dead if it shuts down which it hasn't even reached that point yet. Just like Nagini and Bradymanz said, there are still people in this community that tend to play ZAM from time to time. Even though Call of Duty: Black Ops is an old game people still play it. Let's get people on and have fun!
  10. Happy Birthday Griggs! Enjoy and have fun!

  11. How to pump a your skill in ZAM?

    I'm pretty sure there are people out there that can understand some of the things or most of the things that @Flame Souls types. I can understand him better than you can for some apparent reason. With that type of attitude, it isn't going to get you anywhere at all. It just takes time to learn a new language. Just give him a chance. Also, this topic is several months old and we just bumped it. Whoops!
  12. Making crouch spots with mp_ZAMBunker

    Thanks for teaching me. I learned a lot from this! Good job! I mean you are already given the controls (as shown above) on the ZAM Bunker Mod. You can basically just play around with it until you get a good idea of what you are doing. I think there might be some YouTube videos out there on how to do this type of stuff. If there aren't any, then you can always feel free to ask somebody.
  13. Happy Birthday, Stoner! Today is all about you, so make it the best day ever.

  14. [BUG] [Players can do everything, even if you cannot.]

    It's been like that since the birth of ZAM I think. You aren't the only person or the first person that has experienced something like this. Many of us have experienced this, especially me. If I decide to camp, I sometimes cade off those places or areas where the connectors would spawn at. Not a bad idea for you to do the same thing. You learn something new everyday. Now you know! No problem. Cheers!
  15. ZAM Discussion

    Hello ladies and gentlemen! I got some good news for you all. The UU Wiki is finally back in action, and it's better than it ever was! Back then we used to have a UU Wiki, but I'm pretty sure that some of you have already forgotten about it already. Not to worry because I still have the link to it - Now you know, you're welcome. In the present, we have a brand new UU Wiki that is better than the previous one and it's all thanks to the owner, Classixz. A few months ago, I managed to contact Classixz about all of this, and he said that he was okay with everything. So, we decided to give this a try. It turned out pretty good if I do say so myself. I decided to keep this a secret from the rest of the community until there was enough information on it, and when the design looked better than ever. Now that I'm done with that part, it's not really a secret anymore since I already shared with you all about it. Here are the links (hopefully you can be able to access these links): Hopefully everybody in the community likes this, especially the newer players that are apart of it. It would help them out a lot! I just wanted to thank those individuals who actually helped us out on this project. It was tough, I know that, but I'm just glad that we managed to put some work into it! One of the reasons why I made this thread was to see what the rest of the community thinks about this. Do you like it? Do you not like it? What should be different? What should be kept the same? Stuff like that for you to think about. I'm pretty sure there's other questions out there that I could have wrote down, but I was lazy and decided not to do that. I hope you get the gist of it. If you happen to have any more questions, comments, concerns or anything else regarding this thread, then feel free to reply right below, or contact me or somebody else privately about this. Cheers!