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  1. Zombie Annihilation Mod - Knifing #1
  3. Zombie Annihilation Mod - Clip #9
  4. Zombie Annihilation Mod - Clip #7
  5. Zombie Annihilation Mod - Clip #8
  6. I do not even know if these things still apply to today's world or not, but I will just leave it here in the comments for you to read about it. Here are the topics for more information if you would like to know some more about it. In summary, it basically says that there is some sort of "limit" on certain things that can be within the mod itself. As for the camos for all the weapons, I actually like that idea a lot. But of course, I am not an expert on these types of things. I don't know if it's actually possible to use the camouflages from the other video games or just from "Call of Duty: Black Ops" itself. When you wrote "max level 300" what do you mean exactly? Do you mean that you will unlock all of these ideas of yours at level 300? (or) Do you mean that there should be some sort of limit (or level cap) of how many levels there should be, so you just thought of level 300? Overall, those are good ideas, but only time will tell if this will actually happen or won't happen at all.
  7. That's not a bad idea though. But there is one question that I have though - Does Classixz actually have like any type of list full of players who bought these things (such as VIP, MVP, Platinum, etc.)? If so, then it wouldn't be a problem to have and give these type of roles for the people that actually have them on the Discord server. If not, then who would even want to waste their time trying to find each and every one of these players and figure out what they actually have and don't have at all on their accounts just so that they could get some type of role on Discord. But oh well, only time will tell if something like this actually happens or doesn't happen at all.
  8. What does this comment have anything to do with the "Party games bug (ZAM)" topic exactly? You could have just written this on the shoutbox of the website. I know that we just "bumped" a very old topic on the website that obviously has nothing to do with the topic itself. But oh well, it is what it is. Hopefully, we learned something from this - it's best to write our thoughts elsewhere than to do something like this. FML I guess...
  9. I do not even know if this still applies to today's world, but I will just leave it here in the comments for you to read about it. Here is the topic for more info if you want to know some more about it - (https://undeaduprising.net/forums/topic/5782-more-classes/). Would adding more weapons, killstreaks, etc. lead to crashing the server? Would the mod even be able to handle such things like those that you suggested or mentioned? I have absolutely no clue if these ideas or suggestions will be implemented to the mod or not (I am not the one to make these types of decisions is what I actually mean). I guess that we will just have to wait and find out (Time will tell). Overall, I like your suggestions! Keep up the good work!
  10. Why post something like this in the "General Discussion?" You could have posted something like this on the "Zam Bunkers" - (https://undeaduprising.net/forums/forum/25-zam-bunkers/). There's a reason why we have these things on the website forum. It's not like the other Black Ops maps are pretty old too... Why are both sides of the garden area on Nuketown different? What was the point of placing 8 barricades on one side and just 1 barricade on the other side? That to me just looks weird but alright then. They are your spots, not mine at all, so you can do whatever you want too. Overall, you and noway did a pretty good job changing up Nuketown. You are not so good in doing bunkers. xD Alright, I will give you a pass on this one.
  11. It is really cool to see that UndeadUprising-Snipers (UU-S) is back once again on Black Ops. Have you guys even thought about what might even happen if and when the ZAM server shuts down once again (it is possible to happen though just saying)? Will this subdivision clan still be a thing? Will the rules to join have to change? What will be the same and what will be different in the future ahead? (and no this is not a hate comment at all, I am sorry if you feel like it is, but I am just trying to ask some questions that I have and some others might have as well). Some people don't even check the website so they will never see this. But for those that did check it out, then good for you. Overall, good luck recruiting people to the subdivision clan though. If you want to know anything related to or about UndeadUprising-Knifers (UU-K) - you could try contacting Bloody (who was the last leader of UU-K, but I don't know if he is still considered to be the leader of UU-K in today's world. He has been offline for a long time now - according to his Steam and his website forum accounts). Or you could be better off trying to contact Classixz and see what he personally thinks about UU-K (like will it come back or not at all).
  12. That is such a great idea @wwgangster! It just depends on if that idea gets implemented to the servers/mod, and if the players will actually buy something like that. I don't know if that topic still applies to today's world or not, but I will just leave it here for you to read about it some more just in case.
  13. "Premium only had one loadout, it was not really needed due to that, all the old Premium were upgraded to Platinum, it will not come back." -Classixz This is the owners exact response to your question on the UU-ZAM Discord Server Group. Hopefully I answered your question to the best of my ability! No problem for responding though. Cheers!
  14. It even says in the highlighted red text, "Please try a different payment method (just like Dennyb said), or contact us (preferably the owner - Classixz) for some assistance," so that you can get this all fixed and situated back to normal. Umm okay then???
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