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      ZAM has been moved to a new IP   06/13/2017

      ZAM has been moved to a new IP due to the massive lag at the data center in Amsterdam. The new location is in London, UK and should provide a little bit better connectivity for American players. You can find the server in the Unranked tab in-game or with the IP


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  1. my last time in go to play zam

    How can you even play with someone who hasn't been on the website or on the server for months? I'm going to wish you luck waiting to see this person in-game, and to be able to play with him. Hopefully that day comes in the future. This post is old. Don't know why you and I replied on it.
  2. Here's to your Sweet 16. Happy birthday bud.

  3. Happy Birthday skrub!

  4. Happy Birthday bud!

  5. Happy Birthday bud! Enjoy your special day! <3

    1. Brebe


      Thank you bro<3

  6. Happy Birthday bud!

    1. KingJake


      Thank you dude. :)


  7. Have a wonderful, happy, healthy birthday now and always. Happy Birthday!

  8. Happy Birthday bud! Enjoy your special day!

  9. Happy Birthday Emmaaa!  ?

  10. Thank you for your service.

    Happy Veterans Day!

    1. xStoner420x


      Thank you Viirus

  11. Happy Birthday Echo! xD

  12. I know that I'm tardy, but "Happy Birthday Stoner!"

    1. xStoner420x


      Thanks Viirus. I beg to differ about your retarded comment, far from it. Thanks again.

  13. Happy Birthday @SniperCat [MeowKiller]! Hopefully you had a considerable day, and satisfying presents.


    1. Hetarde 👺

      Hetarde 👺

      Meow bruh :D Ty Viirus. 

  14. Happy Birthday Relow!


    I know how much you love these. Hopefully you get one.

    1. Relow


      Haha u remember :D already got some :) Thanks m8

  15. I just wanted to stop by your profile and say something meaningful to you. I'm not too sure (positive) if you will ever return to this website.

    Happy Birthday cousain!

    Wish you were still here. :( :cry: 

    1. KniiFe_QuiiKz


      Ty Cousin :)) im still There but im busy with school so i have Not much time Cousin :( wish you the Best <3