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  1. Today is your birthday and it should be the best day for you to relax and enjoy the best things in life. Wishing you a Happy Birthday to the most amazing guy and UU brother that I know of. Rock on man!

    1. xStoner420x


      Thanks Viirus, I spent my b-day in a deer stand with my wife, waiting for the right buck to come along. Sadly we didn't find it that day, but we did find it the following morning and she killed it with a 160 yd shot. Damn I'm proud of her. 

      Have a good one brotha. 

  2. Happy Birthday to an amazing owner! Enjoy your birthday, Classixz! :thumbsup: :)

  3. Happy Birthday Griggs! Enjoy and have fun!

  4. Happy Birthday, Stoner! Today is all about you, so make it the best day ever.

  5. Happy Birthday to an amazing friend! Enjoy your day, pal!

    P.S. It's also my mother's birthday today. Isn't that strange?

  6. Happy Birthday Patriot! Relax and enjoy your day!

  7. Here's to your Sweet 16. Happy birthday bud.

  8. Happy Birthday bud! Enjoy your special day! <3

    1. Brebe


      Thank you bro<3

  9. Happy Birthday bud!

    1. KingJake


      Thank you dude. :)


  10. Have a wonderful, happy, healthy birthday now and always. Happy Birthday!

  11. Happy Birthday bud! Enjoy your special day!

  12. Happy Birthday Emmaaa!  ?

  13. Thank you for your service.

    Happy Veterans Day!

  14. Happy Birthday Echo! xD

  15. I know that I'm tardy, but "Happy Birthday Stoner!"

    1. xStoner420x


      Thanks Viirus. I beg to differ about your retarded comment, far from it. Thanks again.

  16. Happy Birthday @SniperCat [MeowKiller]! Hopefully you had a considerable day, and satisfying presents.


    1. Asphodelos


      Meow bruh :D Ty Viirus. 

  17. Happy Birthday Relow!


    I know how much you love these. Hopefully you get one.

    1. Relow


      Haha u remember :D already got some :) Thanks m8

  18. I just wanted to stop by your profile and say something meaningful to you. I'm not too sure (positive) if you will ever return to this website.

    Happy Birthday cousain!

    Wish you were still here. :( :cry: 

    1. KniiFe_QuiiKz


      Ty Cousin :)) im still There but im busy with school so i have Not much time Cousin :( wish you the Best <3

  19. Happy Birthday @Savannah.

    Still don't know who you are.

    1. Savannah


      @ViiRuS_iQuicKZ a random game developer who just likes to play on zam

  20. I'm not too sure/positive if you are going to be returning to the website once again in the future. I just wanted to stop by your website profile and say something meaningful to you.

    Happy Birthday @MakeYouSayWTF. Make it a great one!

    Oh shoot! You made me say/type it.

    1. MakeYouSayWTF


      Thanks man i appretiate it, I do not play zam anymore or any other games really, ive been focused on school and everything, so i hope to return eventually! Thankyou for the birthday post my dude! take care 

  21. Celebrate, or simply take the time to/for yourself. It is your day, so make the most out of it in any way/form you like.

    Strange... your birthday is on Labor Day this year. I just realized that.

    Happy Birthday Bud! ;)

    Happy Labor Day as well.

  22. Happy Birthday Ramsy!

    Make it a great one today.

  23. Happy Birthday ƥєʌƈɣ. Enjoy it!

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