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  1. Looking for Help /w GFX

    If you know anything about me you'd probably be better off coming to me then anyone else on this website, if you so wish, only because I have more experience than everyone on here when it comes to graphics design - http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198152685524/ - my steam link if you wish to add me and talk about things.
  2. background pics 2.0

    This is why I dislike so many people. Not a lot of people have the skill anymore to do Graphic Design. It may seem like there are many out there but a large portion of designers consists of scammers who steal others works and claim it as their own or just take templates from YouTube and claim that as their own etc. It's actually very sad and I don't understand why but I guess people just love the attention they get from doing those things
  3. background pics 2.0

    a good way haha because it's better to be yourself then someone else
  4. background pics 2.0

    Just wanted to say this, yeah the backgrounds aren't the best but you're learning and keep learning because I see potential with you It looks like you got a new style going here and if you just keep improving with it over time something big could come out of it! I haven't really seen anything like this, yeah it needs improved but once you do improve it could be a great thing for you
  5. What do you drive?

    The first one would be correct, it's a 2012 Mazda 3 Hatchback
  6. What do you drive?

    I'd say she's my baby but my girlfriend would kill me
  7. Selling Accounts

    This forum is mostly full of people under the age of 18, ain't no one here going to drop 1k on a steam account lol I suggest lowering the price on the account and selling it to someone wishing to make a profit off of the account, basically like going to a pawn shop, sell it for $750 to someone and they sell it for $1000 making a $250 profit. Honestly, I'm sure it's the only way you're going to sell the steam account, as for the league account, good luck
  8. Happy B-day King! :grin:

  9. Happy Birthday young fella!

    1. iKinG


      I feel old, bones are already cracking D:

    2. iKinG


      Thanks though lol

  10. happy birthday

    1. iKinG


      <3 I'm glad someone loves me :D Thanks lol

  11. You'll figure it out lol if you need a smaller image size PM me!
  12. Will see what I can do!