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    What’s your name?: Joey (Dismay) Where are you from? Im from the Netherlands Your Steam profile link: What is your full DoB, and age?:25/01/2001 15 y old Please explain in at least 75 words why you want to be a member: Well lets start at the moment i always wanted to be part of uu and i joined UU-S already and we're tester etc But also i quited gaming for a quite long time but now im back my friends are most of uu so i also would like to be in that group, i also made a lot of mistakes when i was younger i were annoying and we're prety rasistic to gunter and other people and im really sorry about that so i decided to change and i made a lot of faults in the history but i definitely changed, im friends with gunter now and i act a lot more mature then before Do you understand that being a member doesn’t set you above any rules?: Yes ofcourse Do you expect to receive anything for being a member?: Well yes it fits me more in the group being part of it then being a friend of Please explain in at least 75 words how you would contribute to our community? Well i have a lot of experience with the community because i already was big part of uus i was tester so i know the UU community a bit already and i think a lot of uu people know me already i talk alot with gunter, moon bear, startune so How did you find UndeadUprising? Well im already playing Zem/ Zam for like 4/5 years so Were you referred from anyone? Not really it was kinda my own decision well i askes some uu guys or it was a good idea and they supported me so yea Post the link to our rules: Have you read and understood our rules? Yes ^^