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  1. Bring back da flagss

    GG OP Spots come back ;D
  2. Ban ! Apeal With Ciskhan ! (Stoner)

    Kinder#Bueno wait Stoner will answer you when he have the time chill.
  3. KeRbEy's Videos!

    Hello Guys, I need your opinion about the video! If you have improvement suggestions do not be shy!
  4. KeRbEy's Videos!

    New Video :
  5. Fun Times On ZAM

    beautiful Video Ohhh nnooo Kevin ehh Hello Gart xDDD
  6. KinderBueno#snak

    Yes i understand that all have a bad day but this is no reason to insulting or be offensiv btw like call me a "fag" i mean a trusted guy have to help and and. and cant say "Eveibody ask me ... Now I want nobody talking to me I do my job and I play." i think thats normal that all ask him.
  7. KinderBueno#snak

    I think trusted is more than only Notice and Report guys you need help new guys... I dont know but i dont think that is allowed Click Here ahh and he teach me to Shut up Click Here becaus im question him about a guy that rejoin but have a slow pc and he notice and flame him as RQ all time.
  8. UU application (Member)

    This is the Apply for ZAM Member for UU Apply you need to do this here : Click Here but when you do for ZAM-Member Alright
  9. Wildey says goodbye

    Bye Wildey..
  10. New UU logo made by I King ^,..,^

    I like it too so NIICE
  11. Hacked Steam Account

    You need a Gamekey that you can proof thats your Account
  12. ZAM 1.9.04

    That's True! this is a big Reason.
  13. ZAM 1.9.04

    I Think its a Great Update! but i dont think UU-S and UU-K Loadouts are OP the UU-K run so they die fast. and UU-S has a Intervention right? they have Platinum too :D?
  14. KeRbEy's Videos!

    Thank you very much for this Feedback. Ramsy its Noticed next time i let it longer show. BrEn yeah .) its Noticed too ^^ //Edit any requests for the music ?
  15. More payement methods. IMPORTANT!

    mhh i Thnik its ok when Credit Card.
  16. Funny C4 betrayal

    Im the last :) hahah ^^
  17. [HELP] Shop List!

    Its a Nice Guide :)
  18. Random funny/weird screenshots

    Haha nice ^^
  19. Knifing With Friends In UU Zombies!!:D

    Haha nice DJ King you are the Knife god
  20. Steam account.

    1.00 USD = 0.76 EUR 1.00 EUR = 1.31 USD :) With friendly grezz