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Found 7 results

  1. Critical Taco: is there a way you can make me admin? Critical Taco is now Away. De/MindBlast: hahah yea De/MindBlast: Why De/MindBlast: but I wont cuz you dont have #Sweg Critical Taco is now Online. Critical Taco: sweg? De/MindBlast: Ya know #Sweg De/MindBlast: ? De/MindBlast: If you dont go look Critical Taco: nope, im in college. De/MindBlast: Learn #Sweh De/MindBlast: #Sweg** Critical Taco: have you heard of #gay? De/MindBlast: Yeah , you.? Critical Taco: thats u Critical Taco: you shoukd kno De/MindBlast: Cuz I heard it was you De/MindBlast: c: Critical Taco: ok De/MindBlast: #Gay = Taco De/MindBlast: c: De/MindBlast: I learned Tank you. De/MindBlast: Master, De/MindBlast: c: Critical Taco: great. glad you accomplished something in your life for once De/MindBlast: Yes.! That's why your a kid asking for Admin.... c; De/MindBlast: It's ok I get you guys all the time. De/MindBlast: c: Critical Taco: lol... just wanted it for the weapons but okay Critical Taco: C: De/MindBlast: Exactly. A person Ima put on the website. De/MindBlast: So no one will give you chance c: De/MindBlast: HEHEHEHEH <33333 Critical Taco: what? Critical Taco: ap erson youma put on a website? Critical Taco: what? De/MindBlast: Hah sowwy :P Ima put you on the UU website** Critical Taco: okay Critical Taco: have fun Critical Taco: i get kids like you all the time so im used to this C: Critical Taco: do i have to pass a stupid fucking test to get admin or something? De/MindBlast: You have to pass the #Respect Test De/MindBlast: And learn to take a #Joke Test De/MindBlast: c; Critical Taco: lol Critical Taco: hahah De/MindBlast: And not do it for the weapons Critical Taco: that was funny De/MindBlast: Cool. De/MindBlast: c: De/MindBlast: Derp Critical Taco: lol De/MindBlast: Yep. De/MindBlast: Do you have #Sweg now.? Critical Taco: yeah Critical Taco: i think so De/MindBlast: Yay.!(: Sooooo Now ya wanna know how to get admin.? Critical Taco: yeah! Critical Taco: C: De/MindBlast: Go to and go Apply for it and you can fill in the application.! and Itll take several weeks to get in cuz we have no more space for US Mods/Admins. Thank You, Taco Critical Taco: wait so when will i recieve admin? De/MindBlast: You have to apply for it then you have to wait for Us ( Kex/Classix/Griggs) To decide if your in or not. Then if you are accepted there's no room so you have to wait cuz no room for US MODS/ADMINS
  2. Bug at nuke town

    This a serious bug because zombies can glitch in to the floor and kill survivors. **** and kill survivors
  3. Bug at firing range

    Bug that you can jump from the tower in to the building and can kill anyone
  4. More payement methods. IMPORTANT!

    This is the way to get more donations because not everyone have credit cards or something. Maybe should UU get more payrment methods, like google payrment, paysafe card, bank transfer etc. Thanks for reading this. And yes I want to buy VIP but don't have credit card or paypal :/
  5. UU mod application | Wast

    Hi, In-game name : Wast My steam profile link : My XUID : 1100001046e0ade Why do I want to become a moderator on UU servers ? : When i play on UU server, i see lot of players who break rules. I just want them to leave the server before they ruin others player's game. Do i have any previous experience as moderator/admin ? : I have hosted a minecraft server during 5 months with some friends. That's my only admin experience. Do i have a mic ? : I had one with my turtle beach X12 but it's broke... I'll buy a new one realy soon. Where am i from ? : I'm from Paris, France. How old am I ? : BDay --> 14/07/1998 so i'm 15 years old. What's server ? : I would like to become a moderator in Eu server because i'm European. If I become a moderator, In what way will I help yours servers ?: If i become a moderator i'll help new players by saying them rules. I'll kick rules breakers and only rules breaker. No rules breaker = more fun for all players. Notes : I play on Frozen servers since 2 years and UU since 4 months. My old name is "Rillette75". So i have a little experience in this sort of mod as player and as moderator. I'm forced to tell you I don't have a VIP account... Thanks for reading. PS : my english is not very good, but i'm sure you can understand me. EDIT : I am agree with : Staff rules http://undeaduprisin...lication-rules/ ZAM rules http://undeaduprisin...0-rules-of-zam/ UU rules
  6. NEW Server UP!

    So we decided to make an new server, this time a sniper server. (If this idea doesn't end good, we will probably make an only knife server.) Well if you want to join and play whit us use the IP: (Open console ~ button, type in /connect or look for a server called "Sniper Only | UU") :awesome:
  7. Moderator Application

    In-Game Name: [AIR] Echo Steam ID, XUID:110000101fad9f2 Why do you want to become a moderator on our server(s)?: To keep the server clean from rule breaking, such as blocking, glitching, hacking, etc. Do you have any previous experience as admin/moderator?:Yes, but not in Black Ops. Do you have a mic?:Yes. Where are you from?:CA (California) How old are you?: (please post your full birth) I am currently 14. 11/8/1998 What server do you want to become moderator for?: US or EU?: US If you become a moderator, In what way will you help our servers?: I like to play for fun, with other people, but If i became a Moderator on the server, I would help the server to keep it clean. I have a Youtube Channel on banning players, but the bans are on the FroZen servers, i havn't banned anyone on this server cause i've never ecountered someone rule breaking (yet), but I would continue to ban players if necessary on your servers (Also, my youtube uploads on videos take quite long, so being able to kick or possibly ban players, would save me a whole lot of time). Thanks For your time.