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Random funny/weird screenshots

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Braby* doesn't like the boom boom.




I laughed all day today to that quote. xD

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ViiRuS has dem sexy aliases. :D



When I first played ZEM, I seemed to have changed my name a lot just because people hated them, I seemed to hate them, or I would change my name so then people didn't have to make fun of meh. Once ZAM came up, I found the name on steam that I enjoy. I sometimes change my name to troll those little kids that play ZAM just because they are either annoying, or they don't enjoy me no more.


Holy crap Ramsy, them IP Addresses did you move a lot or did you get new routers and modems or what? What's the story with that since I already told you about my story (with all these recent names and what not).

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