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Clan War : UU-S 3 - 0 SR

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Hello guys. It's been a long time not posting a clan war result on website and we decided to inform you that we are still alive at competetive scene :)

We played two matches against Soul Removers (SR) in two days and both ended 3-0 for UU-S. Cumulative score sorted by round win in second match was impressive. UU-S have won 24 rounds while SR could only have won 3 rounds. It was also great to see that horky finally made his debut in clan wars and he did pretty good score on last map Summit. We wish to see similar improvement as how horky did from our ZAM based members in next matches :)

UU-S Roster

Destroyer - Turkey

Stuhl - Germany

Tolga - Turkey

Veganlol - Germany

horky* - Italy (Reserve)

SR Roster


The Battousai





Firing Range (we had to play 3v4 since Vegan got disconnected at middle of the game)


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i just played the last game. i hope this "pretty good score" will let me play as a rooster 1 day and not as a reserve

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