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Hello! This is me App!eoN*! I have been playing BO1 for a long time, but then i got VAC banned because my small brother used a goddamn camo hack... So after almost 2 years am back! I left console gaming for a little so i could get back to the lord of CODs :) I used to be a pretty decent sniper and joined the best clans, but the move to PS4 made me forget all the muscle memory for it :P  I have been from the first players in ZEM, and ofc since it shut down, i had to move to ZAM. Tbh both are special by different varieties and I like both a lot! So you could call me Apple, or Appleon, whatever you like best :) Most of the times my little brother, 11  years old, will be playing, so please be gentle with him :3 Every time a game starts and am playing i will type this "Appleon in de house!" so you could know :3


Thanks for stopping by, am also willing for knowing y'all :)

Appleon out!

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