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Hello guys, I was wondering if some things would be added to the shop in ZAM for zombies and survivors. And I got some ideas that you might like :).

Zombies Shop: 

Adding some things would make it more fun to be zombie and a survivor, just like:

1) Adding a limb which can push the survivor, (costs around 300-500)

2) Adding a counter_spy plane, (costs around 700-900)

3) Adding a knife that zombies can buy just like SOG knife, (costs around 700-900)

Survivors Shop (Hunters)

1) Adding Intervention, (costs around 900-1200)

2) Adding an extra barricade that's tilted, and it would be better if you can add 2 of the tilted barricades 1 of them is tilted to right side and the other barricade is tilted to the left side. (costs around 120-140 for each barricade)

3) Adding a perk which can let the survivor cade and open the shop faster (am not really sure about this, but it seems interesting for me) (costs around 450-550). This can work is a way which is like this: after buying this perk, you can press 8 or any number Classixz and other staff members choose, let's for now say it's 8. After pressing 8 you loose 200 points and it does a double stack and maybe #9 for T-cade. Or maybe adding this to the builder class which you can press 8 for double stack and 9 for T-cade.

 Here are my suggestions, there are a lot more but I want to see what do you think of these, thanks for reading! I hope to see you replying of whatchya thinking about them :) 

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Why add a sog knife if theres already a ballistic knife in the shop <.<?


And for the faster cading, just pick the builder class. :thumbsup:

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Counter spy plane for zombies.. It for some reason doesn't feel right, but adding a SOG knife meh rip MVP users you should just stick to the ballistic knife it's better for it to be like that.

What I said above though is like saying rip VIP because corporal has the blackbird in shop and zombies have sr-71 which is the same.

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I like alot of these ideas, i also think it would be rly cool to implement the sog knife and more into what you could even buy 500 dollars for a random knife or something, and btw the shop opens faster with the lower ping you have. (just to clarify that )

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