I leave ZAM...

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Okey guys this moment is started... i leave ZAM. I leave because:

1. I can't be UU.

2. My english bad.

3. And bigger part of UU hate me (my bad past).

4. ZAM still empty.

So, i want say thx to classixz for made ZAM. To my opinion, ZAM is the coolest server in BO. And also i want say thx to part of UU like Bloody, gart3, bluebird, emmaaa, startune, Moon Bear, Faith and other. Because i had a great time with them!. And who still dont know my old nicknames, it is: bdg-75, Vov4ik. Sorry for bad past :( sorry for i was told you noob etc. Sorry and bye, we'll never meet again.


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This is just funny. People leaving cause they failed of getting into UU. Lmao this is how you LOVE PLAYING ZAM??? And ye aren't you surprised you have bad past when "Vov4ik connected" and first of all was only insulting untill you left? So ironic huh bye

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