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Update 23 - Patch Notes

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  • General
    • General Stability Improvements
    • Security Update
  • Global
    • Added the M1911 and AK74-U to Zombies Chronicles
    • Updated wall buys in specific maps with the stg-44 and mp40
    • Fixed a bug that would cause a player’s screen to shake when another player fired the Mark II
    • Fixed an issue where “Turned” zombies would continue to display bullet impacts and play bullet impact sound effects
    • Fixed an issue where the magic box would stop functioning after a fire sale
    • Addressed various exploits across all maps
    • Fixed various collision and pathing issues
    • Fixed an issue where players were downed immediately after teleporting into the Dark Arena
    • Increased the volume of the excavator voice over audio
    • Fixed an issue where players can get launched into the air after walking off a gravity lift
    • Fixed various bugs that would occur if the player was in Area 51 during the rocket launch sequence
    • Various hacker tool bug fixes
    • Fixed an issue that would cause lighting to stream in slowly after teleporting from Area 51
    • Fixed a bug where the Gersh device would not function in certain areas of the map
    Shi No Numa
    • Fixed an issue where flogger kills were not counting towards the Trapeze Artist challenge
    • Balanced the Panzersoldat's health
    • Fixed an issue where the Panzersoldat could get stuck inside walls
    • Fixed various Panzersoldat pathing issues and bugs
    • Fixed an issue where players could take damage after being stomped by the robot while wearing the golden helmet
    • Fixed an issue where players were getting downed by the robot while in the trenches
    • Fixed various Elemental Staff bugs and exploits
    • Fixed Templar pathing issues
    • Fixed an issue where the robot hatch would fail to open after being hit
    • Fixed an issue where all perk machines would stop functioning after a generator had been recaptured
    • Reduced buyable door prices in the starting area while playing online solo games
    • Players will receive a double points powerup after capturing the first generator while playing in solo games

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