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ZEMv4_v6A soon be release


Ballistic Knife

  • Decreased time to start reloading from .7 seconds to .5 seconds
  • Fixed a bug where a knife could be picked up if the player had max reserve ammo
  • Obtaining the Bowie Knife or Sickle no longer gives you more ammo
  • Fixed a bug where a knife could not be picked up if another knife is fired after the first knife and lands before the first knife
  • No longer gibs zombies on impact
  • Fixed first raise animation from showing the ring floating
  • Fixed empty clip animations with Bowie Knife still showing the blade


  • Fixed sprinting animation not playing correctly when clip is empty

Ray Gun

  • Removed weapon bob from movement
  • Added sprint and dive animations from Black Ops 2
  • Added sound from Black Ops 2 that plays when first obtaining
  • Added sound from Black Ops 2 that plays when attempting to fire without any ammo
  • Increased move speed from 100% to 105%
  • Increased move speed while aiming from 100% to 105%
  • Decreased first raise time from 2.4 seconds to 1.8 seconds
  • Fixed first raise animation lasting too long at the end


  • Infinite explosion damage
  • Added impact damage
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