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Hello guys, I think you should add more weapons in the buy menu and maybe some more killstreaks, like an ac-130 or something like that would be cool.

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On 2/9/2016 at 5:42 PM, Classixz said:

Correction, we are full on weapons. This means weapons that is currently not in ZAM or Black Ops 1 cannot be add added to a class without removing something else for it.
All of the listed things is possible to add to ZAM as they all exist. There is also no "limit" on the amount of classes we can have, however there's a limited amount of slots on the menu.

I do not even know if this still applies to today's world, but I will just leave it here in the comments for you to read about it. Here is the topic for more info if you want to know some more about it - (

Would adding more weapons, killstreaks, etc. lead to crashing the server? Would the mod even be able to handle such things like those that you suggested or mentioned?

I have absolutely no clue if these ideas or suggestions will be implemented to the mod or not (I am not the one to make these types of decisions is what I actually mean). I guess that we will just have to wait and find out (Time will tell). Overall, I like your suggestions! :thumbsup: :) Keep up the good work!

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