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ZAM v4 is basically finished, while it might not look like much on the public testing, a lot of things has been hidden away as they are being worked on, but the overall client-side of things are almost ready.

New Weapons for Platinum

G36c has been added, and Platinum can currently use the normal variant and the red dot variant in their class pick.



Barrett M82A1 has also been added and is now available in the mod for Platinum via their loadout changer.



Thompson has also been added to Platinums loadout.


And also a machete comes to Platinum including an hand held version, and a melee knife replacment.


UMP45 has also been added.


Also, some Stakeout and Olympia has been added to the loadout.


New playerskins, v4 will feature two new player skins, these are still work in progress, but they are added to the mod.





Next up, new classes, ZAM has had the old classes for quite some time, and it's due time for new classes, instead of them all coming at once, classes will gradually be released is the plan. 

MVP Classes

Class of the week will make a return, and will now actually feature weekly rotations.


Something I've heard for a long time is that there wasn't that much love put into Platinum, so with v4 comes some extra classes that Platinum can use, but to not make the jump to big here between the different ranks, Premium will make a return to ZAM and these will be Premium/Platinum Classes:

Premium / Platinum Classes




Other things coming as well, is the ability for Platinum and Premium to override Skins, let's say you like the Misty skin, but rather have a jetpack? Then just select Arlington, and use the override with Misty to have the skin of your choice. Bolt-action rifles and hand-held melee weapons has also been added to Platinum. 


I wanted to keep this post quite small, and just include a little bit of what is to come, since a lot of stuff has been hidden in the UI just to make it less confusing since they are not fully implemented just yet.



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