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  2. Gromila_ report

    Your player report has been approved. As the Lil' Trump seen him multiple times abusing this type of a glitch I'm going to close this up and the suspect will be banned. Thank your for reporting and keeping the ZAM clear.
  3. Gromila_ report

    I could warn him for abusing glitch spots. This has happened about 2 other times where he has been abusing out of map glitches.
  4. Gromila_ report

    Their in-game name: Gromila_ Server: EU Time of incident: 15:30 CET Proof (Images/Videos): video
  5. Party games bug (ZAM)

    Sorry. Didn't know it would get you that mad.
  6. ZAM 3.1 suggestion

    Sadly level 256 is the highest level we can go for, the scoreboard cannot display higher levels. For a new version I was thinking of redoing the XP needed since the jumps right now are quite weird, especially in the lower levels, prestiges were also a thing I had in mind before, but I'd rather keep it simple and just keep it as it is currently with just levels and no prestiges. Some of the custom weapons have issues when it comes to camos, they display a bit weird depending on what game they originated from, most BO2 weapons work quite okay, Intervention as an example get a quite faded camo, you can barley see it but it's there. Not sure if possible to redo the texture for them, never got the time to do so since I wanted to get as many done as possible, and not just focus on some specifics. I'm not 100% sure if ZAM 3.0 is at it's max currently, it's very close to it, meaning that it's quite limited in how much things can be added, there's some hardcoded limits in BO1 that cannot be exceeded, however there's a few messy workarounds that I could use to get more barricades into the mod, so it's a possibility, but not sure if I'll do it.
  7. ZAM 3.1 suggestion

    That's the problem with levels. You gotta add stuff that you unlock to make It sensible otherwise It would be plain level after level with no particular goal. And that comes to preference. If you like the idea of simply leveling up to some nonsense rank and have that "image" of high level player or implementing new stuff which you can grind for but that ALSO comes to alot more work for Classixz because he's gonna need to make It possible. Me myself I like kind of both. You know differentiating players by rank and making yourself an "image" of I don't know how to say this correctly, better player? OG player? Skilled player? Or a sign of you playing alot? Everyone I think kinda likes when he can get something unique on himself and be different. This is sort of one way to do It even tho everyone can reach It but you know.. adds another thing to grind for.
  8. ZAM 3.1 suggestion

    I do not even know if these things still apply to today's world or not, but I will just leave it here in the comments for you to read about it. Here are the topics for more information if you would like to know some more about it. In summary, it basically says that there is some sort of "limit" on certain things that can be within the mod itself. As for the camos for all the weapons, I actually like that idea a lot. But of course, I am not an expert on these types of things. I don't know if it's actually possible to use the camouflages from the other video games or just from "Call of Duty: Black Ops" itself. When you wrote "max level 300" what do you mean exactly? Do you mean that you will unlock all of these ideas of yours at level 300? (or) Do you mean that there should be some sort of limit (or level cap) of how many levels there should be, so you just thought of level 300? Overall, those are good ideas, but only time will tell if this will actually happen or won't happen at all.
  9. Suggestion

    That's not a bad idea though. But there is one question that I have though - Does Classixz actually have like any type of list full of players who bought these things (such as VIP, MVP, Platinum, etc.)? If so, then it wouldn't be a problem to have and give these type of roles for the people that actually have them on the Discord server. If not, then who would even want to waste their time trying to find each and every one of these players and figure out what they actually have and don't have at all on their accounts just so that they could get some type of role on Discord. But oh well, only time will tell if something like this actually happens or doesn't happen at all.
  10. Party games bug (ZAM)

    What does this comment have anything to do with the "Party games bug (ZAM)" topic exactly? You could have just written this on the shoutbox of the website. I know that we just "bumped" a very old topic on the website that obviously has nothing to do with the topic itself. But oh well, it is what it is. Hopefully, we learned something from this - it's best to write our thoughts elsewhere than to do something like this. FML I guess...
  11. Report On PLAYER

    Your player report has been approved and the people that you reported has been banned.
  12. ZAM 3.1 suggestion

    I have a few ideas for ZAM 3.1. 1. Rainbow colored cade or just different colors. 2. Locus sniper from bo3. 3. Maybe zam member and zam admin cades?? 4. Camos for all weapons and not just the primary gun like the MPL but on all guns like the snipers and pistols and maybe even the knife. 5. Max level 300? Those are all the suggestions I have right now.
  13. Suggestion

    That's actually a good idea.
  14. Suggestion

    Make Discord Roles? Like VIP / MVP Ranks for Discord? Like Green = VIP / MVP = Blue And Plat = Gray
  15. Party games bug (ZAM)

    Please play zam again??
  16. Report On PLAYER

    Their in-game name: [PLAYER-76932977]Server: EU ZAMTime of incident: 2:00 PMProof (Images/Videos): - First Vid Breaking Cades - Second Vid - Pushing Me Off - - I believe him being a MVP Rank and doing this shouldn't be allowed and SHOULD be Punished. REASON OF REPORTING : Breaking Cades Purposefully And Pushing Me Off With Cades.
  17. ZAM=Member Application

    Good Luck
  18. ZAM=Member Application

    1. Your in-game name: Lil' Trump 2. Your Steam profile link: 3. What country are you from?: United States 4. How much do you play ZAM?: At least 4-5 days a week 5. Have you read and followed the requirements?(Yes/No): Yes
  19. Your in-game name: Scopes Your Steam profile link: What country are you from?: USA How much do you play ZAM?: Used to play 2016-2017 As My Name Elite. But now I'm Coming Back To Zam. So Basically i just started : ) Have you read and followed the requirements?(Yes/No): Yes
  20. ZAM Questions

    How do I obtain MVP after I have purchased it?
  21. ZAM Questions

    How do I obtain MVP after I have purchased it?
  22. how do i activate vip

    Hi, I have sent you a message here: everything is active now in ZAM
  23. how do i activate vip

    i bought vip on 7.9.2020 today it is 7.13.2020 and i still dont have it in game. how do i activate it
  24. ZAM Bunker Mod

  25. ZAM Bunker Mod

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