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    Installation Start off by downloading the latest version of the mod Un-zip the file and place it in your mods directory for Black Ops ..\steamapps\common\Call of Duty Black Ops\mods. Make sure that it's placed in a folder called mp_ZAMBunkers. Open the game up, and select mp_ZAMBunkers from the mods menu. Load up a private game and you're ready to make maps. To test bunkers: Open the file _settings.gsc Edit level.workMode = 1; to level.workMode = 0; Add bunker codes to the file _mapCodes.gsc Needs to be inside the { } brackets. Restart or start the map you want to test. To go back to map making: Open the file _settings.gsc Edit level.workMode = 0; to level.workMode = 1; Restart/Start the map.
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  7. How to connect with team speack3
  8. Zombie Annihilation Mod: Living the Dream - Ep 8.
  9. Zombie Annihilation Mod: Living the Dream - Ep 8.View on YouTube
  10. Putin


    i bought vip one year ago but yesterday i joined server and i dont have it
  11. Fun Times on ZAM #3
  12. Fun Times on ZAM #3View on YouTube
  13. Fred

    !fpsboost Bug

    Well, its just game problem. We can stuck in air without fpsboost, without any lag switches etc
  14. "ZOMBIES in MULTIPLAYER AGAIN?!" Black Ops Annihilation Mod Gameplay ~ Multiplayer Gameplay!
  15. "ZOMBIES in MULTIPLAYER AGAIN?!" Black Ops Annihilation Mod Gameplay ~ Multiplayer Gameplay!View on YouTube
  16. I guess there's no way to fix this. It's a game engine problem, fps related to be exact. Bo1 simply can't handle fps higher than 120, it starts acting weirdly, liike you get stuck in doorways, can levitate and unable to jump normally.
  17. so i was just in a game of nuketown with few random players and me and big mac were campin in green garden, with its new 1 cade spot. and got limbed from behind thanks to this bug. i think it has not been reported yet, so i hope it gets fixed. @Classixz i dont really know anything about how it happened, Bhwolf said it has something to do with !fpsboost. here is the video if website will let me post it. Dont mind me im not trying to get wolf banned im just trying to get this fixed. Call of Duty Black Ops 2022.08.23 -
  18. Your in-game name:shyne Your Steam profile link:https://s.team/p/gjt-fmpf/jgctqccb What country are you from?:poland How much do you play ZAM?:five years Have you read and followed the requirements?(Yes/No):yes
  19. Zombie Annihilation Mod - Knifing #1
  20. Zombie Annihilation Mod - Knifing #1View on YouTube
  21. I've added some extra checks to prevent this, also added some extra logging to the server to identify what is going on with the no loadout bug. The past 3 hours since I started the logging it seems like it have not happened on the server, due to it being so unpredictable I hope it should have been sorted out, only time will tell
  22. It's better for us to figure out why do people keep spawning with no guns, not to abuse it
  23. Step 1 : spawn with no gun at start (bug ?) step 2 : take master hunter class step 3 : You have no gun but you can still hold the killstreak remote thingy (counter spy UAV) step 4 : wait till the countdown is over while holding the remote counter uav and you get a free mpl + a side gun + your own loadout total of 4 guns and 2 grenades tested 2 times on a regular player acc (no vip) need video ?
  24. Zombie Annihilation Mod: The Prodigy - Ep 9.
  25. Zombie Annihilation Mod: The Prodigy - Ep 9.View on YouTube
  26. can you update the server for me so i have my mvp and skins


  27. being british is a crime that will not go unpunished
  28. holy shit this account is cringe xd

  29. What I've noticed in the ZAM Community #1
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