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    • Classixz

      ZAM has been moved to a new IP   06/13/2017

      ZAM has been moved to a new IP due to the massive lag at the data center in Amsterdam. The new location is in London, UK and should provide a little bit better connectivity for American players. You can find the server in the Unranked tab in-game or with the IP

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  2. ZAM 2.1.5

    FMJ will now be added to all Sniper Rifles when purchased. Changed damage on a few weapons and the different FMJ bullets. Almost all weapons will do more damage if the shot is a head shot.
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  4. ZAM 2.1.5

    Fixed map bugs reported by @viirus_iquickz Fixed Stroke of Daylight message Added Array Tower by @The One Patriot New way of loading bunkers added A new tool to determine the exact position of a barricade added. Ability to randomize bunkers in certain spots.
  5. ZAM BO1 Maps

    New Array tower
  6. ZAM 2.1.5

    The credits will now show the creator of the map that was played. (right now only on known maps) Bomber Zombie now always explodes when killed, except for players with Misty skin. New players will receive "Blood" from Cold-blooded to help them survive better. Unknown Soldiers will now be renamed to their XUID to prevent rulebreaking Fixed jetpack fuel showing as a zombie. Normal barricades will take 3 hits and now costs 50 points.
  7. ZAM BO1 Maps

    WMD Tower by @Classixz & Me.
  8. ZAM 2.1.5

    Removed the time limit for barricades at the start of the game.
  9. ZAM BO1 Maps

    Crisis bunkers by @Griggs added:
  10. ZAM BO1 Maps

    This thread will be used for updates regarding maps for ZAM. Download the bunker mod here: https://gitlab.com/Classixz/bo1-zambunkers/blob/Live/readme.md Submit maps or individual bunkers here (post screenshots): https://undeaduprising.net/forums/forum/2-zam-discussion/?do=add
  11. Hey mate, I have lost PSD files for the UU-S logos that you sent me. Can you resend them again? Thank you :)

    1. Destroyer


      Nvm, found it out on chat.

  12. my last time in go to play zam

    How can you even play with someone who hasn't been on the website or on the server for months? I'm going to wish you luck waiting to see this person in-game, and to be able to play with him. Hopefully that day comes in the future. This post is old. Don't know why you and I replied on it.
  13. my last time in go to play zam

    Man, we can play today. If you want to have fun I will waiting for you in the game. Good luck!
  14. Happy Birthday brotha, I hope you have a blessed one. 

  15. Here's to your Sweet 16. Happy birthday bud.

  16. HES COOL :D

  17. ZAM 2.1.5

    This update is meant to encourage players to create their own made bases and structures all around the map instead of camping in the classic camping spots. This update will most likely be temporary and we want to see what the players of ZAM thinks about updates like this. Normal Barricades will get destroyed after 2 hits. Normal Barricades price changed to 30 points. Strong Normal Barricades will get destroyed after 3 hits. Strong Normal Barricades price changed to 70 points. Barricade streaks currently disabled.
  18. God darn it i missed UU .... I might be back!





    Hope i still have my MVP that i bought it 2-4 years ago

  19. ZAM 2.1.4

    Whats with the anti camp? ''You cannot cade 1 min'' but the game has already lasted longer than 1 min
  20. ZAM 2.1.4

    idk man it was just an idea
  21. ZAM 2.1.4

    To complicated for starters and secondly why would you want people to cade with <4 real human zombies lol.
  22. ZAM 2.1.4

    could you make so if there are less than 4 REAL zombies cade limit would go away and if there are more than 5 REAL zombies humans would have to run for more than 50 barricades so if he would want to put 60 down he would need a knife kill and so on....and idk if its possible that if zombie is frozen with freeze trap that it wouldnt count as a knife kill since you can just place down and camp get 5 knife kills than put down 100 cades....just askin if it is possible to make
  23. ZAM 2.1.4

    I could make the limit go away after a certain amount of zombies if this will be a problem, let's give this a try for a week or so and then we could redesign this system.
  24. ZAM 2.1.4

    The 50 cade limit, is that only allowed to place 50 or like if one breaks can you replace it because although im never rly on when the server gets full im sure your not gonna last 5 minutes camping against 17 zombies with only 50 cades
  25. ZAM 2.1.4

    omfg FINALLY NO MORE CAMPING EVERY GOD DAMN MATCH TY CLASSIXZ oh and can you please make it so if player placed more than 15 barricades 2 maps each that if he places 10+ in third map it kills him so it prevents even more camping?
  26. ZAM 2.1.4

    Reduced damage on ther STG-44 Players will no longer be able to cade during the first minute in-game. A maximum of 50 cades can be placed by a player. This update will be live within 30 minutes of this post. Please use this thread to provide feedback on these updates so that I know if I should reduce the limits or make them higher. Suggestions from @Emberino & @^◡^っ✂╰⋃
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