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  3. ZAM Bunker Mod

  4. ZAM Bunker Mod

  5. Radiation bunkers remake

    Radiation bunkers.txt
  6. New Havana bunkers

    I've spent about 4 hours making and testing this :c Havana bunkers.txt Havana bunkers.txt
  7. What does your computer setup look like?

    LMAO hello guys what is up ====D cmon bois its 2020 i wanna see improvements from those fucking potatoes above me
  8. ZAM suggestion

    I do not even know if this still applies to today's world, but I will just leave it here in the comments for you to read about it. Here is the topic for more info if you want to know some more about it - ( Would adding more weapons, killstreaks, etc. lead to crashing the server? Would the mod even be able to handle such things like those that you suggested or mentioned? I have absolutely no clue if these ideas or suggestions will be implemented to the mod or not (I am not the one to make these types of decisions is what I actually mean). I guess that we will just have to wait and find out (Time will tell). Overall, I like your suggestions! Keep up the good work!
  9. Looks good. I hope i get my computer up soon so i can jump back on zam. Computer wont start for a reason, i think it power supply. Will probably need a new one.
  10. Let's start from the early beggining, Me and Nagini were discussing a topic about reviving the UU-K clan back. Classixz let us do that. I offered Nagini to be a leader, but he denied the offer and he wanted to be a Co-Leader. Since Bloody was the last retired UU-K leader, who hasn't been online for a really long time, we are handing the management of the clan over our control. New Leader: Fade New Co-Leader: Nagini Our goal is to revive it in any way we can, at first it will be difficult for us to recruit a crew, since all good UU-K members have stopped visiting ZAM and people who play ZAM mostly camping than running. But I hope we will find a way to cope with that problem and i wish the players who were accepted wouldn't be worse than the previous ones. We have also removed a recruitment such as to beat/win any of our testers, to say in a shorter 1v1 test, as it had been before due to some difference with ping, because when you are a host your hits rate register faster than of participant. We would be really glad to see some knife servers (which are extinct as of now), so that we could spectate players' abilities at knifing, but since there aren't any knife servers we'll just omit that and 1v1 test as well. We are enough of watching people knifing skills on ZAM, and not their knife skills only, but their adequacy and relationship between players they play with (I mean being nice to them, be always ready to help, etc.). Some notes: I don't know is there going to be UU-K loadout, I'll contact classixz about that when he is free.
  11. Zam member apply

    Your [ZAM] Member application has been approved. You have been added to the website group.
  12. Zam member apply

    Your in-game name: JavaScript Your Steam profile link: What country are you from?: Italy How much do you play ZAM?: depends, 2-3 hours a day average Have you read and followed the requirements?(Yes/No): Yes
  13. ZAM suggestion

    Hello guys, I think you should add more weapons in the buy menu and maybe some more killstreaks, like an ac-130 or something like that would be cool.
  14. Nuketown Redone

    Thank you! Feels really good Everything you typed up there makes perfect sense wow i didnt not expect that. You are perfectly right, i shoulda put it in that discussion, im sorry i will do next one there. But now to bunkers. Yeah we will redo all maps, but nuked seems like its most owerpowered for hunter out of all maps. Beacuse there are 2 houses which are pretty much all time made so you can camp with 1 barricade. Than there is the garages whics one of them is or 3 person or 1 person, but green garage ussualy is 1 persons garage. Than there is this op spot on the right of green garden, which is just too op for hunters, its ture that zombies can jump over but if you're careful and have lets say rangun you can kill them easily. Next thing green garden. I just felt it should be 1 normal barricade and 1 standing just for "balance", since normal barricade cost 50, but easyer to destroy and standing for 150, but a little bit harder to destroy. I just felt like doing it that way. As i said before everything you typed makes perfect sense, so thank you for that. I really am grateful for your opinions, since you got real respect from me. yeah my bunkers really are bad, need to work on them, so i can maybe get better in doing them xd
  15. Nuketown Redone

    Why post something like this in the "General Discussion?" You could have posted something like this on the "Zam Bunkers" - ( There's a reason why we have these things on the website forum. It's not like the other Black Ops maps are pretty old too... Why are both sides of the garden area on Nuketown different? What was the point of placing 8 barricades on one side and just 1 barricade on the other side? That to me just looks weird but alright then. They are your spots, not mine at all, so you can do whatever you want too. Overall, you and noway did a pretty good job changing up Nuketown. You are not so good in doing bunkers. xD Alright, I will give you a pass on this one.
  16. Nuketown Redone

    Looking good not too hard for zombies to get hunters, kinda fair even if there’s like 3 person in good job!
  17. Nuketown Redone

    so me and noway were redoing Nuketown beacuse the Nuketown we have is pretty old, so we redone it. here are the screenshoots: well im not so good in doing bunkers, so please be gentle on me any feedback is welcome so feel free to criticize me games_mp.log
  18. UndeadUprising-Sniper's

    yeah i will contact classixz about it, but since bloody is not around anymore, we will need another knife master to replace him.
  19. UndeadUprising-Sniper's

    Viirus_iquickz , ZAM was dead and we was still a clan we are not only dedicated to ZAM. UUS was never gone, we took a different way i mean by that we are more focused on public server than before. If ZAM have to be gone again this would be pretty sad! This is where the UUS clan is born, but we will still be a clan even if ZAM have to die again.... ( i don’t want it be sure of it! I love that mod the people who play it, the admins everyone are friendly.) Me and Hunting,have worked really hard to keep what Destroyer builded all this time, we won’t let UUS die after all the efforts we put. We are close to be what UUS was before with our new members. As for the recruitment people ask often in-game too we are able to recruit without difficulty, of course i wanted to post it here to make sure everyone still active on website could see it! I wish i have answered your questions about the clan futures. Also i don’t see your comment as a * hate comment* this is the reality we don’t know what will happen however be sure that UUS will stay as a clan.
  20. UndeadUprising-Sniper's

    It is really cool to see that UndeadUprising-Snipers (UU-S) is back once again on Black Ops. Have you guys even thought about what might even happen if and when the ZAM server shuts down once again (it is possible to happen though just saying)? Will this subdivision clan still be a thing? Will the rules to join have to change? What will be the same and what will be different in the future ahead? (and no this is not a hate comment at all, I am sorry if you feel like it is, but I am just trying to ask some questions that I have and some others might have as well). Some people don't even check the website so they will never see this. But for those that did check it out, then good for you. Overall, good luck recruiting people to the subdivision clan though. If you want to know anything related to or about UndeadUprising-Knifers (UU-K) - you could try contacting Bloody (who was the last leader of UU-K, but I don't know if he is still considered to be the leader of UU-K in today's world. He has been offline for a long time now - according to his Steam and his website forum accounts). Or you could be better off trying to contact Classixz and see what he personally thinks about UU-K (like will it come back or not at all).
  21. UndeadUprising-Sniper's

    All good, i tought you know
  22. why banned???

    im going to lock this topic until we find out the verdict. i will try to contact classixz about it but no promises. as for right now the ban stays.
  23. why banned???

    In my opinion, what you described in your appeal, you said that your mouse has a button that Double-clicks for you. That is a Macro. Macro that acts like an auto clicker (clicks more than what you are cabable of) so in my opinion your ban should remain. If you would have admitted, maybe your ban would have shortened by a little bit. But it's @Classixz's choice.
  24. why banned???

    That photo got approved by @Classixz who is the owner of UndeadUprising. so i will let him decide about this ban. but i have never heard of button like you described it.
  25. why banned???

    I calmly played in ZAM, and suddenly, I find out that I was banned. they give me a photo, which is why they banned me. it shows that a certain Roki player asked me: do you have an auto-clicker? I, having misread this, said yes. but this is not so. on my mouse, called 7o gaming mouse, the button is installed: Double-click, if you click on it, then it's like you will quickly click the left mouse button. Bottom line: I was banned for confirming that I have an auto-clicker I ask for help
  26. UndeadUprising-Sniper's

    I don’t know what’s going to happen with UUK. I only know about UUS sorry.
  27. UndeadUprising-Sniper's

    so if UUS is back is UUK comming back too?
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