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    Indeed I do, it means you act superior and that's a thing you're not Elmo. You act like a prick to people.
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    Shame, you were at a stage like that before.
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    i think that a new perk should be available the "new slot" it just simply adds a weapon slot to your load out this should be under perks and cost around 500 or 400? what do you guys think?
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    this has been talked about so has a gun slot remover if u dont want 6-17 guns as mvp so u can yy
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    Elmo is a arrogant prick thats why.
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    Then only for non VIP/MVP Players.
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    I gave Classixz a code which would provide this option, but it was incomplete code. I'm currently in talks with another developer who has a kick ass map voting script. It's not a simple restart vote script. It displays several maps in the rotation for players to vote on. The very elaborate and yet complicated code is COD4 based. No telling how much I'll have to spend, but will be worth it.
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    @ did my VIDEO GUIDE helped you ?
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    Ramsy forgot a part of his setup... the second microphone to pick up all of his typing... i drew it in for you
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    LOL Careboys didnt understand the sarcasm and liked indy's post gg wp tots not 14 and i tink he tel truth with he iz 20 y/o xd