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    Hey, As some of you know i do edits based on players clips. Since i really want to improve / expend myself i will share them on this thread and hopefully have a bigger audience. I'm really interested on feedbacks, so don't forget to "rate them". Here's my first edit for a clan called NasTy : Ganty's introducing ___ I will update this thread instead of making a new one everytime i want to share an edit.
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    The winter was really cool, liked it much more than this darkness...
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    someone can win vip, or just help out by posting your own k thx
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    Hey guys!, thought i would share this awesome fort spot that me and karmuhh were camping :D http://i.imgur.com/124MP9h.jpg http://i.imgur.com/8pLbNPn.jpg
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    Striikey's Final Montage by Nasty Wast Decent edit but still funny to watch
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    Like title says, never know what to buy with these points, I thought of buying Mustang and Sally but didn't got around to do.
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    You are the stupid one here Knifezor.
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    This video contains content from Warner Chappell, who has blocked it in your country on copyright groundsY u do dis Bloody? Haven't seen anyone use the sentry gun after the 1.4 update.
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    omg idea 10/10 add i want balistic bowie when i cade too :(
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    Hey gang, Tomorrow, Friday the 12th, is my 32nd birthday. I'm old. This year has been hard for my family for many reasons, but there has been a silver lining in that I've found ZAM and became a part of this community. Help this geezer have a good weekend by doing something fun. This weekend, build a fort. I don't care how detailed you can get it, just give it a shot. Take screens or video, and submit them here. I'll be trying to build forts in-game in unconventional spots all weekend (when i'm not running). The more people on, the better. This isn't necessarily about surviving the entire round. It's about trying something fun and seeing what you can come up with. Grab some survivors and do something different! This isn't a competition, and there will be no prize. Stoner is putting up $25 Steam to the winner!! (Thanks for that Stoner!) If no one feels compelled to give it a shot, no big deal. I'll submit my forts throughout the weekend to this post, and I hope some of you join me in doing so. Thanks, Kevin
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    There arent any rewards for connection amount, anyway the only reason, why you and few others have so high connections on US server, is because you were permbanned and permbans stopped working on US due to strange reason. So it authenticated you and gave you connection every minute.
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    For rewards...you can join 1000times in a day.
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    Have fun there, and a good start in the new year.
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    maybe UU- D for dota plays :lol: but for zam have divisions enough :huh:
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    oke my bad, btw. spongebob stfu you cant even band idiot -,-
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    jeez sry sponge im really tired today .... sry i need to sleep :c
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    What are you talking about? There are no rewards for connections.
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    You don't need an amount of connections to get these ts3 rewards. You just join our teamspeak server ts3.undeaduprising.net Once connected to teamspeak, then join any ZAM server and you'll have your rewards automatically.
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    Braby please i got more commands when i joined 5000 times in server. Right now i am regular 2
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    Gawd are u guys stupid??? I am asking IF I GET REWARDED WHEN I JOIN A LOT OF TIMES IN A SERVER???