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    Yeah, I've actually planed something like that. VIP's could pick: Free Class VIP class MVP's could pick: Free Class VIP class MVP class Premium's could pick: Free Class VIP class MVP class Premium class Platinum's could pick: Free Class VIP class MVP class Premium class Platinum class
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    hey guys im new here my name is headshot hi. i like arma, cheese, potatoes since i have been here i like zam
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    You will be banned and kicked out of UU-K, if you are camping with the loadout. That's the consequence. The warning part would be good, but the definition of camping might be different to some players. So I appeal to my fellow UU-K members NOT to abuse the loadout (=camping with it), since you are supposed to run/knife with it. @BrEn! No that's not allowed. Sitting somewhere and spamming M&S falls under the definition of camping. It's way better than camping in a p-cade spot, but that's irrelevant. I hope I answered your question.
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    LOL rekt Kappa Keepo #goback2slivernoob
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    Welcome to the crazy world that is ZAM,I speak for everyone that we are all happy to have you as apart of this community and i hope in the future you and others will become great of friends. I also hope we can be friends in-game xD (ps. i may of sort of may of know him from school)
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    Way to go Patriot. Killin them noobs. Show them who's the pro player. My favorite part was "You need to go to sleep PAt xd."
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    Hi , im Karmuhh. And im addicted to zam.