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    Hello everyone, maybe you have noticed that I wasn't online at UndeadUprising.net from the 21.07 on and neither on Steam, kik etc. I fall into a comatose state for 5 days after I had an motorcycle accident. I am writing this from the hospital, will be back at home in a few days. http://prnt.sc/byqqcv Greetings, -Bloody
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    YO bunnyrape666, whats up man, how was ur vaca? CALM down, sheesh. wtf is ur face? fatass... WHO THE FU$% ARE U CALLING FATASS?!?!?! Shit.... I'm ded.
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    Damn you are a lucky man. Hope to see you well and playing tomorow. im probs going to hop on tomorow
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    Ask Siri she knows everything.
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    Hope those burns heal up ASAP.
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    Thanks for all the good wishes! Tomorrow I'll probably be back at home.
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    Ey soonn, you want to hear a Joke? Yuss duddy what did the ogre say to his sunn? IDK Duddy